Method Of Selecting The Ideal Skirting Board

When you wish to select the perfect skirting board, you have to follow several factors:


While selecting skirting boards, you must consider the interior design and architectural design style that you wish to implement in your home. Some well-known design styles and the skirting boards you can choose are:

French Provincial – People admire this style as it has a symmetrical design, decorative components, and classic proportions. A skirting board is a vital feature in many French-style homes because they seem to be detailed and ornate decoration. However, you need to consider the skirting board height well. Moldings are utilized in these homes in the form of fireplace features, large cornices, and wall paneling.

Hamptons – Earlier, the styles of Hamptons used thick and high skirting boards that had big rounded profile characteristics. It created a unique look but assisted the skirting in holding its own against intricate features like wall wainscoting.

Modern- An interior molding in today’s homes, choose a minimal Shadowline skirting.

However, you must be prepared to test various sizes. When you wish to get a modern appearance, you must keep it simple.


When the matter zeroes on a skirting board, you need to select a board according to the height of your ceiling. Contrary to belief, you can use smaller skirtings in big rooms that have high ceilings and vice versa. When you look forward to forming a cozy space, then you should consider the profile size of the skirting boards and architraves.


When you have got animals and kids at home, you should choose high skirting boards that would propose improved protection to the walls of your home. It is particularly true when there is wallpaper, and if the walls are painted in bold colors, then marks and chips become more obvious with time. A busy profile suits a room that has lots of space, and when people use that size in smaller spaces, they should use a profile design that would be less busy.

Suggested profile combinations

You do not have to select the profiles of architrave and skirting boards that match well. When you form an exclusive combination, you will get great designs. When you fail to match the profiles of the architrave and skirting board, you need to consider the following things:

  • The thickness of both the architrave and skirting board should be the same.
  • You must remain stuck to the complimentary height combination both for the size of your room and the moldings.
  • When your chosen profiles are different in design and appearance, you might require using a skirting block. This way, the space where the two will meet will not be too busy or messy.

A huge effect

A skirting board height, along with its finish and profile, leaves a huge effect on a space’s finished appearance. It is considered one of the little details that you shouldn’t approach wrongly or overlook. Before you get prepared to do more jobs like painting walls and skirting boards, you need to observe the sizes of the boards that would be ideal for your rooms.

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