Avail professional remodel to modernize your old existing bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly an important place in any home. When properly decorated and modernized, it enhances your property value and quality. Outdated bathrooms might only prove to be dysfunctional and also an eyesore. Updating your bathroom will help enhance its look, function and your home’s overall monetary value. You will have to hire a certified Bathroom refurbishment Townsville company to renovate your bathroom.

Ideas to follow when remodeling your bathroom

  • Doorless shower: They appear sleek while providing the elderly and children with easy access. Your Bathroom refurbishment Townsville ideas may include checking out the latest trends in multiple showerhead. An open shower will be an excellent choice. Doorless showers can stated to be functional if you plan to have an exterior bathroom renovation near the pool.
  • Metallic tile accents: You can select metallic tile accents of copper and stainless steel to brighten up your space. This way, your bathroom will appear more unique and chic. Tiles can be used on the decorative backsplash to draw attention towards the sink. Such tiles can improve your floor or shower design. Subway tiles do provide that timeless, classy look. Your Bathroom refurbishment Townsville company can provide you with more budgeted options.
  • Quartz or Marble Countertops: For countertops, marble makes excellent materials. The setting can be made regal and luxe due to its clean, elegant design. White countertops when installed can make the place appear spacious. It also creates that airy, light environment. You may consider including quartz countertops if you lack budget. It has similar designs while being quite beautiful. It also boasts of having high durability level, thereby ensuring longevity of the material. Even with frequent use, it will not experience cracks or chipping.
  • Dramatic lighting: Lighting fixtures in your bathroom should be updated to modernize the room. You may consider installing sconces on both the sides of the mirror just above the sink area. Otherwise, a dramatic chandelier can be hung to work like a centerpiece. Copper or bronze light fixtures are sure to appear decorative while transforming the room completely.
  • Pedestal tub: You may consider installing a quality pedestal tub to transform the look of the room. The tub’s claw food is to be placed underneath the light fixture or a window to create appropriate balance. You may paint the feature using a color shade to accent the room.

By consulting the Bathroom refurbishment Townsville experts, you can get plenty of ideas and also be well within your budget.

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