Electrostatic Disinfection Sprays – Most Effective Way to Kill Pathogens in Public Places


Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started to create havoc in the world, we have understood the need to disinfect every surface whether it is in our homes, our offices, or any other public building. Everyone wants to make their facilities as safe for people working or staying there as possible. 

Electrostatic disinfection spray is a touchless and effective method of spraying public spaces, buildings, and even public transport services with a disinfectant liquid from a portable disinfectant sprayer that is electrostatically charged to produce a mist that can provide full coverage to any surface within seconds. 

Merida sprayer is a portable disinfectant sprayer manufacturer from China who manufactures and supplies international standard disinfectant sprayers at factory prices. Their cordless electrostatic and nano sprayer are appropriate for disinfecting commercial and public spaces in a short time. The benefit of these sprayers is that you will also end up using much less quantity of disinfectant liquid than you would otherwise use for spraying on larger areas.

How do electrostatic sprayers work?

The spray contains charged particles which are formed when the special disinfection solution in the sprayer is combined with air which is atomized with the help of an electrode that is present in the portable sprayer. 

When these positively charged particles are sprayed on a grounded negatively charged surface, there is a natural strong bond between the surface and the disinfectant mist particles. This is why there is a very high transfer efficiency of the disinfectant solution when it is sprayed on surfaces using the electrostatic method. 

Although there is no residual airborne mist when we spray the disinfectant in the form of charged particles, you must still use regular precautions such as the use of standard eye protection cover, hand gloves, and masks. 

Electrostatic sprayers are preferred for disinfecting surfaces in:

  • Health care settings for cleaning the room of patients.
  • Public spaces such as public bathrooms, buses, and classrooms.
  • Gyms to clean fitness equipment and wrestling mats.
  • Foodservice departments and restaurants.

These are also used to deodorize enclosed spaces and bathrooms. 

Benefits of using electrostatic sprayers

  • It provides full-surface coverage which is recommended if you are looking for completed disinfection of larger areas.
  • The disinfectants used are usually approved by CDC or EPA.
  • The disinfectant does not leave any residue on any surface even if it is made of materials such as paper. 
  • It gives a more consistent application of the disinfectant without requiring anyone to touch the treated surfaces. 
  • It can also be sprayed on electronic devices without causing any damage.
  • It is effective against most of the infection-causing pathogens including covid-19.

In today’s scenario when we are facing such great loss of lives and economy due to the covid-19 pandemic, investing in a wholesale disinfectant sprayer and its solution is a very wise decision if you own a place that is used by the common public day in and day out.

Electrostatic disinfection is very effective in killing 99.99% of pathogens from the surface on which it is sprayed, thus, keeping everyone safe from getting infected from covid-19 or any other infectious disease. 

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