Is it Safe to Pressure Wash a Roof?

Pressure Washing a Roof: Safe or Not?

Cleaning the roof is an important household chore to keep on top of. It boosts your home’s cosmetic appeal and reduces the likelihood of infestations or structural damage. It can also improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on your bills. It is recommended to have your roof cleaned professionally every other year, but it should be done whenever it is necessary. If you notice your gutters clogging up, and moss and lichens spreading across the tiles, it’s time to get a clean booked in. If you live in Bury, check out Just Clean Property Care, the best roof cleaning company in Bury.

Which Method of Cleaning is the Best?

That depends on your roof; the age, the extent of the damage, and what the rooftile is made of. For starters, old roofs and slate tiled roofs should never be cleaned with a high-pressure wash. Slate is thin and vulnerable to breakage. Old tiles shouldn’t be power washed for much the same reason: they are weak, and are liable to crack, break, or sometimes even shatter.

Concrete roof tiles are commonplace on most modern homes, and they can easily withstand the effects of a high-pressure wash. However, there is a granular coating on most concrete tiles, which would be removed by a high-powered jet-wash. Normally, by the time a roof needs cleaning, that granular coating has corroded from weathering, allowing moss to form more easily. If the coating is still there, the roof shouldn’t really need cleaning yet. If cleaning is required, make sure to take great care and use the correct nozzle at a reduced pressure, to ensure as much of the coating stays on the tile as possible.

If your roof is not suitable for pressure washing, look for a contractor that offers other methods. Soft washing is popular for older roofs, as it is less intense, but still yields results. It consists of a deep clean using specialised detergents and surfactants to loosen any unwanted materials, then a low-to-mid-pressure wash to remove them all from the tiles. It provides a thorough clean of the tiles, shingles, and flashing, thanks to the seeping of the chemicals. Cleaning the roof manually is always an option as well, but you may find this is a lot more expensive due to the amount of time it takes.

So, if you want to pressure wash your roof, first make sure that it is the right method of cleaning for you! We all know how important it is to keep your roof clean, so make sure your contractor knows exactly what they’re dealing with, especially if you have old or delicate tiles. However you get your roof cleaned, once it’s done, it’s the perfect time to carry out any maintenance or repairs, to make sure your roof is in the best possible condition it can be. A lot of roof cleaning companies now offer a post-clean biocide treatment, which prevents the regrowth of moss and lichens, keeping your roof free of debris, and extended the amount of time before you’ll need to clean again. 


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