Family-Friendly Property Locations in London

London is one of the most family-friendly cities in the world. With its abundance of tourist attractions, top-rated schools, and kid-friendly neighbourhoods, it’s no wonder families flock to the city for their holidays. But which areas are best for families?

In case you are looking to relocate in the UK soon, below are some of the family-friendly London property locations to check out:

  1. Richmond

Richmond is one of London’s most affluent residential areas and it sits in the South West, bordered by Kew Gardens on one side to Richmond Park. The greenness here isn’t just heightened by amazing views but also because this area has been designed as if you were living somewhere far away from city life – with winding roads full stop at their widest point allowing for lots more trees than any other community in the city.

Richmond is a great place for families to settle with its low crime rates and plenty of green space. It’s only 30 minutes away from central London which makes it an ideal spot if you want the luxuries that come along those cities but don’t need or care about them too much.

  1. Maida Vale/St. John’s Wood

The Maida Vale/St John’s Wood area of London is a popular choice for families looking to settle in the capital. The gently flowing canal gives this quarter an elegant feel, perfect walking tours with family members and friends while enjoying its “Little Venice” status as well.

Maida Vale is a leafy green area of London that may not be the cheapest place to live, but it’s worth every penny for its calmness and slower pace. There are numerous independent stores in this neighbourhood which gives them their own unique image – adding even more popularity.

  1. Kensington

Kensington is a great place to live if you’re looking for museums and green spaces. There are plenty of educational resources available, including the V&A, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum. You will also find large parks like Holland Park which makes it easy to get out into nature.

It may not be among the most affordable London property locations, but Kensington offers an ideal environment for families with young children, given its clean and cosy environment and proximity to educational institutions.

  1. Battersea

Battersea, just across the river from London’s Kensington and Chelsea, offers almost the same vibe as Kensington and Chelsea in terms of culture and commerce, but at a lower cost of living.

You can find affordable apartments in Battersea, if you are a young family who is just starting out. There are also other residential property options, with high-end townhouses being the most popular. With easy access and connections that can be made at a minute’s notice thanks to Clapham Junction station nearby (which is also close enough if you’d rather stay within walking distance), this area provides all of your needs without missing out on anything great.

  1. Hillingdon

The Greater London borough of Hillingdon is a place where you can find cheap housing and great dining experiences, all while being just outside the city limits. It was founded due to Heathrow airport’s economic boom which made it one such large area in the UK at its furthest western tip – perfect for those who want plenty going on without having too much noise or pollution around them.


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