Bathroom Renovation – Type of Bathroom to Choose

You can find bathrooms in varied layouts, sizes and shapes. While you are thinking about a Gosford bathroom renovation, probably you would not wish to change the existing bathroom type. But it can be a good idea for you to check all of the options before settling for a renovation. Otherwise, you might miss various possibilities.

Full Bath

This is a standard bathroom having a shower, bath or both, and a toilet and sink. The same basic features can be seen in Master en-suites, although these have to be accessed through the master bedroom. A spa-like luxurious ambience is what homeowners going for a Gosford bathroom renovation like to choose. When a master suite is designed properly, it can help refresh you. In many cases, if a master suite doesn’t exist already, you can have it added to your house. It can remove long queues during the morning and have the existing standard bath freed up for use by the family.

Half bath

This is also referred to as a “Powder room”. This is a small sized space, having just a toilet and a sink. Adding a half bath can help improve your lifestyle in case you stay in an older house with just a single full bath. The powder room could be used by your guests, who are invited over for dinner, and your personal bathroom space will not be invaded by them. There is no need for a lot of space for creating a half bath. This kind of Gosford bathroom renovation can make life easier for you and also improve the value of your house.

Wet bath

A wet bath is waterproofed completely, including the walls, cabinets and floor. In this kind of full bathroom, the shower is not behind a curtain or in a separate cubicle. It can ensure a modern and sleek bathroom design, and is very practical as well. These are waterproofed fully, and there are no worries of the floor or walls getting splashed with water. Space is used efficiently with wet baths, which is a major benefit of wet baths. Square footage can be costly, in case you are adding a bathroom or remodeling an existing one in your home. The cost of a Wet bath is a little more, but these can offer to you excellent return on investment. This type of Gosford bathroom renovation is the most lasting way to create a bathroom.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or home, it is best to get professionals to handle your projects as they are equipped with the skills and experience. Some renovation companies also offer affordable renovation packages if you’re on a tight budget. 

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