Using Colourful Rugs

Having a colourful rug in a room can be a great way of introducing colour and interest and elegance to a room. Colour does not have to be loud and zany and whacky. You could have a lovely rectangular pale pink rug Australiamade, in a front room over a dark wooden floor. Simple, eye-catching without clashing with the rest of the room. Rugs and carpets do not have to be plain or neutral all the time. There are rooms and styles that really suit using colourful rugs as a means to decorate and change how the room feels.

Too often floors are neglected

It is quite common for people to think about the walls when they are considering adding colour to a room. Repainting, adding an accent wall, usingstencilling perhaps. Or they might think of adding some artwork to the walls, or some bolder coloured throw pillows to the couch. A lot of the time the floors are neglected as a place where you can play with colour. Depending on the colour you use though, whether something bolder and brighter or something more natural like olive green rugs Australia people can add something special to the room, even revitalise it.

Take a closer look at the room you want to change

A lot of people start with the living room, it is where you relax at night, have people over, watch a movie, read a book, talk with family and so on. Is it a bit too neutral? Does it show your personality or does it need something more? An area rug could be just the thing to make a space more welcoming, warm, cozy, and so on. Adding a rug to the living room is a lot easier than having to cover things up and come up with a new paint scheme, or wallpapering! Try it and you will be surprised at how transformative adding a rug is.

Choose the best size and shape

As well as thinking about whether a pale pink rug Australia decorators recommend is best or some other colour, you also need to think about the shape and size. Must stick with rectangular, oval or circular rugs but you can get other shapes. What will not only suit the scheme of the room but the size too? You do not want the rug to be all folded all the time because you got something too big, or something that gets lost because it is too small.


When you have chosen how you want to decorate a room, remember to think about the floor and whether a rug would be a great addition because in most cases, the answer is yes. Use a colour that complements the room.Olive green rugs Australiahomeowners find are great for more natural-looking spaces. You should also think about what kind of textiles you want as that impacts its look and the affect it has on a room.

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