Step-by-step Bathroom renovation guide

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and hence should be part of your renovation project. If done properly by the Bathroom renovation Penrith specialists, it is sure to enhance the overall value of your home.

Bathroom design

This is the first step you need to undertake. You may come up with some interesting remodeling ideas for your bathroom space. Using same design will not be a good idea. Rather, it should be innovative, modern and reflect your personality and moods. The best way to get the right design will be to hire the certified Bathroom renovation Penrith company. They will design your bathroom to make it more spacious, visually pleasing, and hygienic while providing easy access to everyone including those with limited mobility. The available space will be used well considering window or light space, drainage and fitting size.

Bathroom remodel steps

  • Electrical & Plumbing: This is the first thing to undertake. New plumbing when installed can assure proper drainage and deriving clean cold/hot water. It should also be positioned correctly The same applies when installing toilet drainage pipes.
  • Ceiling & wall linings: It should be done carefully and is best done by the knowledgeable Bathroom renovation Penrith experts. Be it tiles or other materials used in the bathroom, they will take care to install them properly.
  • Waterproofing the bathroom: The shower recess, bathroom floor and the bath area is to be waterproofed. Also the entire bathroom is to be tanked to ensure water does down the drain. Accuracy and quality is vital.
  • For floor lay cement screed: Before laying the tiles, ensure floor is fairly flat and smooth providing slight fall for drainage outlet. The Bathroom renovation Penrith specialists will take proper measurement and do the needful with great perfection. Once the work is completed, allow the bathroom floor to dry fully.
  • Tile walls & floors: Tiles are to be cut & laid, grouted and cleaned so that it appears visually beautiful and praised by family members and visitors alike.
  • Install plumbing fixtures and fitting: Taps and plumbing fittings should be installed along with soap holders and towel rails. Bathroom vanity should be leveled and sealed.
  • Painting & cleaning: This is the final step to be undertake in your bathroom renovation project. Ensure all items are fixed properly and no leaks are noticed in the plumbing.

Thus, following the Bathroom renovation Penrith guide will enable you to enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

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