Why Are More People Buying Landed Houses Now

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the market for properties was expected to collapse. After all, with Singapore citizens tightening their belts, customers would’ve been more careful about making a purchase.

However, the property market has surprisingly proved to be resilient against all odds, jumping back solidly after a brief recession at the start of the pandemic, mainly because of the high demand for landed properties, like the Pollen Collection landed houses.

Landed Property Sales Stronger than Ever


According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Q1 2021 real estate statistics, the price record for every residential property jumped from 157.0 in Q4 2020 to 162.2 in Q1 2021, a +3.3% rise.

Thus, it can be perceived that landed property prices increased much more than non-landed property prices. So, why are customers opting for landed properties during this pandemic? Here are a few reasons that would explain why that’s happening:

Increased Optimism among Well-off Buyers


The pessimism at the beginning of the pandemic has spread to many households. In 2020, several Singapore residents were struck with job loss, with foreigners suffering from the retrenchments, but most high-earning residents were relatively unharmed.

Hence, there’s likely to be a huge market of rich homebuyers, and it’s likely probably these people who invested in landed properties, like the Pollen Collection landed houses, in the past years.

With the coming of vaccines and a strong rebound expected for the economy, plenty of affluent buyers are optimistic about their financial future. For these buyers, this pandemic has been an excellent time to acquire a new house or invest in a property at a steal before economic improvement begins picking up again.

A Desire for More Spacious Dwellings


The pandemic has had residents of Singapore spending more than ever time at home. With a rise in work-from-home and the Ministry of Education announcement that home-based learning would be continued in a few capacities even when the pandemic ends, owning a spacious house has never been as desirable.

Moreover, residents now possess a stronger desire for personal space. More spacious common areas, more bedrooms, and a yard are even more attractive now as they are considered helpful for mental health.

Less Concern about Accessibility to the City Core

Insufficient accessibility to public transport, which traditionally has been among the major drawbacks for landed property residents, is no less significant because of the decreased commuting afforded by home-based learning and working.

That indicates that Singapore buyers might be progressively less concerned regarding the vicinity to the city center, perhaps due to the increase of individuals working from home.

Greater Desire for Privacy


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to avoid crowds. With greater condominium developments accommodating thousands of individuals, condo residents encounter many people every day.

For example, crowds are unavoidable in the elevator in the course of the morning rush hour, and there might also be an event for common spaces like the swimming pools, playgrounds, and gym.

Moreover, there were also concerns regarding hygiene, especially contamination of elevator buttons, pools, gyms, and playgrounds.

The freedom and privacy of staying in landed properties are more coveted than ever by those hoping to avert contact with other dwellers.

Less Affected by COVID-19 Restrictions

Tensions were high throughout the Circuit Breaker period. Some condo inhabitants were fined for disobeying COVID-19 measures by going to the pool or not using a mask in the common spaces. Tenants weren’t even authorized to walk their dogs or exercise in their condominium’s common spaces.

Even though the Circuit Breaker period has loosened up restrictions, wearing a mask is still expected in common spaces at condominiums, and condo dwellers also encounter scrutiny over social visits and risk getting reported to the authorities by other inhabitants.

However, landed property residents enjoy far fewer restrictions as they’re free to enjoy their lawns without the need to wear a mask. Dog owners could also walk their pets more conveniently, regardless of on the street outside or in their garden.

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