What to do when you experience a fire alarm malfunction?

Is your fire alarm system malfunctioning or your sprinkler system down? To safeguard your property, professional fire watch guards are very much essential. It is mandatory in many states that a fire watch company must be contacted whenever there is a malfunctioning fire alarm system which can be a threat to the building. At times, the owner of the building may call for fire watch services. Also see about: Fire Watch Guards

What does the work of fire watch guards include?

The work of fire watch guards involves protecting the properties or the building which are left unprotected by the working fire alarm system. The fire watch guards keep strict watch over any fire hazards and they take quick action whenever they notice any threats. 24/7 service is provided to secure and safeguard the property.

The responsibilities of fire watch guards 

  • To safeguard all the floors of the building
  • The walkways and all the exits must be free to avoid any harmful situations
  • If the fire breaks out, an alert must be signaled immediately and the higher authorities must be contacted
  • Any concerns or safety issues must be identified and reported
  • There must be open communication with the guards and the officials who are on site. Moreover, all the documents must be maintained in a log.

A fire alarm watch company must be hired, whenever you encounter a fire alarm malfunctioning in your building. Being the owner of the building, it is important that you look after the safety of the premises and also the people living in it. The fire alarm system can break down or malfunction because of the following reasons: Broken components, network outages, power outages, water shut off, etc.

The breakdown can happen all of a sudden unplanned and hence can cause a lot of stress to the owner of the building. Whenever your fire alarm system is malfunctioning the first thing that you need to do is contact a professional fire watch company immediately. It is your responsibility to take quick action before the fire marshals act.

Finding a fire watch security

Firewatch security guards can be contacted through security companies that provide various security types including hotel security, personal security, construction site security, event security, etc. The fire watch guards must be trained and well experienced in the field as it is unsafe to hand over the task to any employee.

Your business, employees, and property will be at risk if you just hire anyone unskilled when your fire alarm system is malfunctioning. It is not hard to look for qualified guards even for a short period. There are well-trained and professional fire watch guards available in security companies who are ready to take up the job during an emergency.

It is uncertain and unable to predict when there will be a breakdown in your fire security alarm system. But whenever there is a breakdown, fire watch guards can be contacted immediately to keep your building safe and secure.

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