What to Do If the Dryer Isn’t Working? An Useful Guide for Individuals

Discovering wet clothes in the dryer after a cycle can be highly frustrating for an individual. When faced with such problems, common reasons for electric or gas dryers include a clogged vent, a tripped circuit breaker, or a lack of gas flow. However, before resorting to panic, it’s worth noting that not all dryer issues warrant the immediate attention of a technician. This article will help to troubleshoot the problem without searching online for solutions like ‘whirlpool dryer not heating’.

Ways to Fix Heating Problems of A Dryer

When individuals notice a decline in their dryer’s ability to effectively dry clothes, multiple factors could potentially contribute to this issue. By exploring these factors, users may potentially identify the cause behind the whirlpool dryer not heating and remedy the situation on their own.

  •     Clogged Dryer Vent

One of the common problems behind poor heating is that the dryer vent is clogged. To determine the problem, one must initiate a timed dry on high heat and proceed to the exterior exhaust vent. If the airflow appears weak during manual verification, it is likely that the venting requires cleaning or replacement. On the other hand, if the temperature is insufficiently high, there may be an operational problem with the dryer, necessitating assessment by an authorized service technician.

  •     Check the Thermal Fuse

In the event that the dryer and its internal components are free from lint clogs or any other obstructions, it continues to spin without adequately heating the clothes for drying. Then, there must be the possibility of a blown thermal fuse. The purpose of this safety device is to prevent temperatures from reaching levels that could pose a fire hazard. One can opt to replace the thermal fuse, usually located near the exhaust vent, which might be a straightforward task. However, it is essential to be aware that this seemingly simple replacement could potentially mask a more significant underlying issue.

  •     Loading Small and Big Items at Once

Further, users must consider the type of load being dried as it might hold the key to the issue. When they mix large and small items, it could be the root cause of the problem as it disrupts the optimal performance, particularly when using the auto dry cycle. Moreover, combining items like towels, regular clothes and bedsheets might cause the dryer to operate at a lower heat level or even shut off, incorrectly assuming that the items are already dry.

  •     Faulty Circuit Breakers

Similar to a thermal fuse, a circuit breaker functions as a safety device, strategically limiting power in situations where excessive heat causes dangers. When resetting the breakers, it is crucial to bear in mind to check two circuit breakers and electric panels. This will help to resolve the heating issues without paying hefty charges to technicians.


These four are some common factors that cause problems like whirlpool dryer not heating. Apart from that some other causes may include faulty thermostat switches, bad timers, and other malfunctioning internal components. If so, one can take the help of a skilled technician to ensure safety.


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