Fixed, portable or telescopic ramp: which one is the best?

Allowing disabled people accessibility to different spaces is essential to achieve a better quality of life for these people. It is necessary to have access suitable for wheelchairs to ensure the ascent and descent, the entry and exit of these people to a given space. One of these options is the fixed wheelchair ramp. Fixed ramp has two fundamental characteristics. It is a light material, but at the same time resistant, that supports up to more than two hundred kilos above its surface.

Fixed ramps in different sizes

You can buy a simple ramp with an economic value, with different lengths available to choose from so that everyone can choose the ramp according to the size they choose. On the other hand, there is the one meter long “roller ramps” for the disabled, which allow it to be rolled up for easy transport. It is also good for use in homes, where you do not want have a fixed ramp. With the roll-up portable ramps, you can save space by storing them in any space.

Roll-up ramps are made of rubber with non-slippery surface. These wheelchair ramps are lightweight, easy to install and have a long service life. Other types of fixed ramps are made of strong aluminum and premium materials. On the other hand, they are an economical and accessible option, to facilitate accessibility for disabled people and adapt the spaces to the integration of these people.

Portable and folding ramps

The folding and portable wheelchair ramp is very advisable for shops, where during the day the ramp can be placed allowing the ascent and descent of disabled people, and it folds to store at night, when there is no possibility that it will be needed to be used. The folding ramps are of great help to place in cars or it is even an excellent ramp for a van, when it is necessary to transport the person and he does not have the possibility of moving without being in his wheelchair. Among all the variety of folding ramps, the portable ramp with handrail is an option with an excellent value for money, which allows compact storage, has a safety lock and also a folding hinge that allows wheelchairs to pass through door thresholds or landings.

Telescopic ramps: are they useful?

The ramps are the ideal element that allows the accessibility of disabled people to any place: their home, shops, restaurants, hotels, recreation and leisure spaces, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of how important ramps are. In terms of ramps, there are many variants from fixed and folding ramps to modern telescopic ramps, which also have an excellent relationship between their quality and the price.

The telescopic ramp has three sections that can be unfolded to reach desired access since its exclusive folding and extension system allows a reach of up to two meters. Telescopic ramps are ideal as car ramps, but also for all types of architectural spaces since they are light ramps, which facilitate the ascent and descent of wheelchairs.

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