Advantages Of Choosing Epoxy Flooring

epoxy floors ontario are resistant and versatile, being very suitable for application in industries, factories, shops, and even homes. They serve both for projects built from scratch and for renovating existing floors. They have many advantages, including ease of application and easy cleaning and maintenance. In today’s text, check out epoxy floors’ advantages; come on?

There are many advantages of using epoxy resin flooring in your projects; after all, they have high resistance and durability, are easy to apply, and provide quick drying. See below for other advantages of choosing this type of floor:

  • High chemical and abrasive resistance
  • High mechanical performance
  • Practical and fast application
  • Applicable on different types of substrates
  • The vitreous appearance of the surface
  • Increase in surface rigidity
  • Single-layer of higher density
  • Various colors, patterns, and finishes (matte or glossy)
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy installation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • It does not accumulate dust or dirt, as it is a monolithic floor (no joints)
  • Waterproof, making it difficult for the proliferation of microorganisms
  • Resistant to heavy traffic and impacts
  • Extremely aseptic coating
  • Smooth or non-slip texture

They are easily hygienic floors, ideal for environments that require such care, as they do not generate much waste because they do not need to be removed from the pre-existing finish. There is also no waste of materials compared to conventional products that require cutting parts to adjust to the environment’s size. The self-leveling system has high fluidity and self-accommodation properties, providing a glassy finish, thus guaranteeing total protection to the substrate. Epoxy floors can also be applied in different types of coatings, such as metallic structures, tiles, floors, masonry, and swimming pools. They are just not suitable for wooden floors due to their expansion.

They are waterproof and highly resistant floors, offering safety against slipping, resistance to chemical and abrasive attacks, and supporting the light, medium, and high traffic, whether of people or machines.

One of the most significant advantages of epoxy floors such as industrial flooring is their asepsis since they are easy to clean, have a completely smooth surface, and are without joints, not allowing the accumulation of bacteria. They are ideal floors for environments such as industrial kitchens, clinics, and hospitals. Epoxy floors are strong and impact-resistant, so they don’t risk cracking, cracking, and other pathologies, as with concrete flooring.

If the space has heavy traffic, applying a non-slip epoxy coating is still possible, resulting in a textured surface with more protection. This additional textured surface is often used on platforms, ramps, machine shops, etc. Because they are very versatile floors, they can be applied in different types of segments, such as warehouses, factories, sheds, garages, hospitals, industries, laboratories, workshops, and sports courts, among many others.


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