The effectiveness of your home’s foundation in keeping the building stable and sturdy depends a lot on the soil conditions around it. Of course when a home is built the ground conditions are assessed for suitability, but soil can change over time due to weather conditions and whether more load is added to it over time. That’s why it’s important to monitor the condition of your foundation and take steps to prevent any damage. Here a ground improvement company offers some advice on strengthening the ground conditions around your home for a solid foundation.

Soil reinforcements

Too much water around your home’s foundations can lead to water damage, affecting the structural integrity of the building. To limit this, soil reinforcements can be installed to control soil deformation and prevent sinking of the foundation. This will increase the bearing capacity of the soil and reduce subsidence, making the ground more stable. Various types of soil reinforcements can be used, but most utilise a column structure to strengthen the ground and increase its resistance to the elements and additional weight.

Soil improvement

There are various ways of improving the soil surrounding foundations, including compacting the soil with a heavy weight or injecting it with mortar grout. Deep soil mixing is another method of strengthening ground for a foundation and involves mixing the soil with grout to produce an improved material which forms a sturdier base for foundations. Similarly, soil stabilisation is another chemical ground improvement technique involving treating the soil with a binder (commonly cement), which works to improve the quality of the soil.

Care and maintenance

There is also a lot you can do as a homeowner to look after the ground around your home. This is important to prevent serious damage and avoid the expense of future foundation repairs. During drought, make sure to keep the soil moist so it doesn’t dry out and contract, which can lead to foundation cracks. Water your soil regularly but try not to overdo it. Too much water in the soil can cause just as much damage, so it’s essential to have proper drainage around your home to avoid water damage to the foundation. You should also keep an eye on foliage growing around your home to ensure the roots aren’t sucking up too much water from the soil, leaving it too dry and affecting the foundation.

Taking steps to protect the ground around your home will ensure its foundation stays in good shape, reducing the chances of you having to pay for costly repairs down the line.

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