What Should You Know About Council Tax?

Council Tax is regarded as a yearly fee that people are required to pay to their local council. The council sets the cost, and it is utilized for funding local services. Council Tax funds the local services, and they include the following:

  • Fire services and police.
  • Recreational projects and leisure like maintaining sports centers and parks.
  • Educational services and libraries.
  • Highway and transport services that include cleaning, street lighting, and road maintenance.
  • Waste and rubbish collection.
  • Record-keeping and administration like birth and deaths, local elections, and marriages.
  • Trading standards and environmental health.

If you go through UK Property News, you will discover that Council Tax is not paid for health services.

Who isn’t counted?

A few people aren’t counted or disregarded while he works out the number of people who live on a specific property. It is meant a person might not be capable of applying for a discount. A person will be disregarded if he falls into the category:

  • He has not attained the age of eighteen years.
  • The person is on some apprentice schemes.
  • He is eighteen or nineteen years old and engaged in full-time education.
  • Has not attained the age of 25 years and receiving funding.
  • He is a full-time student and enrolled at a college or university.
  • He is a student nurse.
  • The person is seriously mentally impaired.
  • He is a diplomat.

Who is liable for paying council tax?

If you want to discover who is liable to pay the council tax, you must use a hierarchy that will take the responsibility list. One who will be at the topmost will be liable to pay the council tax:

  • Resident leaseholder.
  • Resident freeholder.
  • Other residents.
  • Resident tenant.
  • The owner, in the absence of an occupant.

The council tax amount is formed on nearly two adults who live in a home. When a person lives on his own, and there is no other adult in his home, he will get a 25 percent reduction in his bill of council tax. People surviving on a low income, no matter whether they are working or not, might get assistance with their council tax when they apply for a CTR or council tax reduction.

Council tax doesn’t apply to students

When students are engaged in full-time education, they are not required to pay council tax. However, if a student lives in private rented accommodation in place of student halls, then he or his landlord should propose a filled student form besides a relevant student certificate. And if other members of the household aren’t students, they would be held responsible for paying the council tax.

The liabilities of the landlord

If no person lives in a property as his only or main home, the owner will be required to pay the council tax. If people want to gain more knowledge on the council tax that applies to an empty property, they can go through the UK Property News. If you are a landlord, you must pay the council tax, and for this, your property must be called an HMO or house in multiple occupations. A house in multiple occupations is a flat or house that is lived by one or more than one person who isn’t a portion of only one household, and it includes halls of residence, bedsits, nurses’ homes, hostels, and homes that people share.

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