What is the most popular shutter style?

Window shutters come in numerous styles with each style offering its unique benefits. But which of these styles is the most popular? Let’s check out the most popular shuttle style below.

Louvered shutters

When compared to the styles of other window shutters, louvered shutters seem to be the most popular shuttle style today. They are often regarded as the most traditional shutter type in the market as they are found in most historic houses. Before the invention of air conditioning units, many people often relied on the use of louvered shutters to keep their homes comfortable. Homeowners would use the slats of louvered shutters to allow the breeze to come into their houses without giving rooms to insects or rodents.

Nowadays, louvered shutters are not just popular with historic houses. They are also commonly seen in many modern houses around the world. These window shutters are usually utilized as a transitional design element that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

This popular window shutter style can be made with different materials such as wood, aluminum, or composite. However, because of the susceptibility of wood window shutters to cracking and water damage, you may want to avoid choosing them. You should rather go for composite or aluminum louvered shutters.

Louvered window shutters are available in different sizes, usually from 1.25” to 4.5”. However, you can customize them to suit your particular needs and tastes.

Overall, louvered window shutters are recommended for homes with Victorian style, Greek Revival style, Georgian style, Italianate style, and Colonial style.

Raised panel shutters

Some people often argue that raised panel shutters are more popular than louvered shutters. While there may not be evidence for such an argument, raised panel shutters are found in many home types today. They can be used for different home styles such as:

  • Victorian style
  • Ranch style
  • Cape cod style
  • Colonial style
  • Greek revival style
  • Georgian style
  • French country style

In addition to the traditional designs above, raised panel shutters are also a perfect fit for modern homes. Regardless of the modern accents of your house, you can find a raised panel shutter that will suit it.

Generally, this shutter style comes in different materials especially composite and wood. Also, they can be made with an array of paneling design types. Therefore, it is easy for you to find something that will improve the overall appearance of your property.

Although louvered shutters and raised panel shutters are the most popular styles of window shutters, there are other shutter styles. Bahama style is commonly used for different home designs. This style is popular for its ability to allow lots of light and air to come into your property. Other relatively popular window shutter styles include board and batten shutters, flat panel shutters, arched shutters, and bi-fold shutters.

No matter the window shutter styles you have decided to use for your home, you should make sure it fits your home style as well as your needs.

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