What is an IQF freezer and how does it work?

IQF freezers are abbreviated as Individual Quick Freezing and are commonly known as the IQF freezing method. This is a relatively new and quick freezing method that is now more common in freezing technology in the food processing industry of the modern orientation. This involves the technology that proves to be more feasible with smaller food products.

This technology with quick freezing is used to freeze different kinds of things including berries, fruits, vegetables, seafood such as shrimps, fish and meat, poultry, pasta, cheese, and some of the grains as well. This will be going to be an amazing food freezing technology for your different food processing industries. The products frozen through this process are called Individually Quick Frozen or IQF’d.

If you always face issues and difficulties in quick freezing of your food products and might have no proper system to freeze food products quickly, ready to taste well and preserve for a long time, with their native taste; you need to install IQF freezing solutions. Industrial Freezing will help you in achieving these motives and presenting your food products with better shelf life and better taste.

IQF freezing is a method that will take just a few minutes to freeze your food and this time will even get reduced if you’re going to install a reliable brand of IQF freezing. IQF freezing will not make large ice crystals in food products. So that your product may not get disturbed. The IQF’d products will retain their shape, color, smell, and taste even when defrosted and used after a long time.

Separate units

One more thing about IQF freezing is that these freezers can separate units of products during the freezing process. So, that your product will stay sustainable and will optimize the quality of the product. This technology has an edge on other freezing solutions like the block freezing method which provides less efficient results comparing to the IQF freezing method. This method of freezing will allow the consumers with a choice of freezing the desired quantity of the products whenever needed with whatever the quantity, by just defrosting and utilizing whatever the way they needed. The product frozen through this method is highly sustainable, lasts longer, and will retain its texture, taste, smell, and quality.

These freezing solutions will provide you with the best, efficient, quick, and reliable solution to freezing. Some of the brands across the globe manufacture IQF freezers and these may vary with their use, operations, requirements to operate and freeze products, and space occupied by these freezing solutions. These IQF freezers vary concerning their operating method and the technology involved.

Industrial Freezing

At Industrial Freezing, our experts and guiding solutions will guide you to select a suitable IQF freezer that will meet your requirements and will deliver your desired results with new and used freezing solutions as Industrial Freezing will provide you a large inventory of IQF freezers. You can reach out to us by giving us a call at +31 74 23 40 001. Our representative will immediately reach out to you with expert solutions and rational advice.

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