What happens if you don’t replace your roof?

It is generally believed that a roof should last for 30 years, depending on its material. However, your roof may have become damaged extensively before it reaches its lifespan. Because of this, hiring a roofing company to check your roof regularly will let you know its current status.

Meanwhile, when you don’t replace your damaged roof, believing that the replacement should wait for another 6 months, things could go wrong, and you will certainly not like the consequences. Below are some of what can happen if you don’t replace your roof.

1. Extensive Water Damage

A damaged roof usually leaks water into the attic, ceilings, and walls. It is, however, crucial to know that all the protective barriers of the roof will be damaged also. Failure to repair the roof early will cause further water damage in the house, as ug will result in a total failure, causing severe damages to the ceilings, wood, walls, and tiles. The damage will escalate and increase the repair costs.

2. Structural Damage

When the roof leaks water, the ceilings and walls get soaked, causing them to collapse over time. Besides, the leaking roof makes the roof lose its stability, making it impossible to support the additional weight. The ceiling can become sagging, and as the water soaks up the walls, the danger of collapse increases. The structural integrity of a house becomes threatened with a leaky roof.

3. Increased Energy Bills

If you don’t replace your roof when it is damaged, you must be ready to part ways with your hard-earned money being spent on high energy bills. The reason for the increased bills is that the roof lets cold air escape in the summer heat and lets cold air enter the house during freezing weather. The HVAC unit will struggle to maintain the right temperature in the house, and this will cause it to use more electricity than necessary.

4. Health Risks

A damaged, leaky roof will cause mold and mildew to grow in the attic and ceilings. The prolonged breathing of their pores will undoubtedly cause respiratory problems and constant headaches for everyone living in the house. Besides, pests and unwanted animals can also gain access to the house through the damaged roof.


The roof is an important part of a home and must be in good condition for everything and everyone in the house to feel safe and protected. If your roof is damaged, contact a roofing company for repair or replacement to avoid the consequences discussed above.

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