Is spring the best time to call an Arborist?

Many homeowners neglect tree trimming because they think they’re saving money or that it’s not necessary. Giving your trees a regular trim is an investment in their health and longevity. A well-maintained landscape adds beauty and value to your property, and routine maintenance preserves that value. If you’re tempted to skip the regular tree removal Melbourne service, take a moment to consider hiring arborists to invest in your trees. To keep your trees healthy, you should trim them year-round regularly. Depending on the type and size of trees and the climate, trees require different levels of care and get different results.

Before you begin pruning your trees, you should gain a better understanding of their many benefits. In addition to making your trees look more manicured and adding curb appeal to your home, regular pruning takes care of the tree’s health as well. A reduction in disease and its consequences is achieved by cutting off dead branches. In addition to reducing tree growth, regular trimming is a necessary safety precaution. The most important thing to consider while implementing tree maintenance is the time to call an Arborist.

Trimming trees in the spring can be effective for most tree species. Early spring allows for easy identification of troublesome branches before the trees have fully leafed out, even though the foliage is ascending in the tree.

Besides exposing problem areas, spring tree pruning reveals which branches are dead and should be removed. The bare bark of those branches will be more obvious since they won’t flower or leaf. In addition, this time can be helpful when identifying trees that cannot be saved, in which case you might need to schedule in tree pruning services.

Tree species that flower in mid-to-late summer benefit from early spring tree pruning to produce more buds on the remaining branches. It is also better to prune spring-flowering tree species in the summer since, after pruning, the branches will form more flower buds if the pruning occurs shortly after spring flowers have faded.

While tree maintenance can be done at any point in the year, it can be more challenging in the summer since once leaves are fully draped over a tree, it is harder to identify any branches that may be damaged. However, it is also the best time to determine which branches are weakened because of the weight of their leaves; these branches will sag rather than look strong.

As a general rule, tree maintenance should not be performed during Autumn. This period plays a critical role in healing cuts since the tree is going into dormancy. When trees with fungal diseases release significant quantities of spores after cutting, the risk of infection is higher. You can endanger your trees by trimming them in Autumn.

Despite this, it is often necessary to trim trees in Autumn. No matter what season it is, if the branches threaten property or pose a safety hazard, they should be taken down immediately.

When you believe regular tree trimmingis necessary and should be done according to the type of tree and situation, hire a certified arborist in your area. An arborist will care for your trees and ensure they continue to grow strong and beautiful for many years to come.

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