What are the must-have spa accessories you should have in your service?

Now that you have found the type of hot tub you are looking for, it’s time to accessorize it to make your hot tub experience amazing. Adding some essential spa accessories to the tub, you can provide your customers’ service with added safety, convenience, and cleanliness. Since the colder months are right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for the customers to arrive at your salon for spa service. Below are some essential accessories that you need to have to make your customers’ time in the tub more comfortable and fun.

  • Spa pillow

Having a comfortable spa pillow can make your customer more relaxed while in the hot tub. This is one of the spa accessories that gently support the back of the neck and head of your customers as they lean back against the tub while they get their therapeutic dip.

There are many spa pillows available, where some come installed in the hot tubs, and some can be conformed to your customer’s preferences. Moreover, there are also spa pillows that are waterproof, so you can easily attach them to the edge of your spa without worrying about the water ruining them.

  • Cup holders

Many spas either come as stand-alone furniture or with attached accessories. And there are few spas that come with counter space that are available at the tub-side. With having spa accessories like floating trays or cup holders, you can avail your customers of various snacks and drinks while they are in the spa. You can also find an extensive number of options for attachment to the spa, so it would make the cup holders a sturdy and unobtrusive option.

  • Aromatherapy infusions

People want to receive spa service because it offers them the therapeutic experience that they seek to reduce their stress level. And to optimize that therapeutic experience adding aromatherapy infusions can be a great option for you. By adding various types of attractive smells in the spa, you can enhance your customer’s mood and their overall emotional condition.

There are certain types of smells that can soothe a person’s anxiety and have psychological effects to mitigate muscle aches. However, make sure the aromatic spa accessories you are to use, such as oils, chemicals are safe for utilizing in the spa.

  • Towel racks

While using a spa, it’s especially essential; your customers don’t find it unconventional to cover themselves with towels after getting out of it. So adding towel racks to the spa is another option you must give your consideration. Having a towel rack on the side of your tub would mean your customer would get into a fluffy, warm, and dry towel right after stepping out of it.

There would be no more requirements for having perching folded towels on the edge of the spa, so there would not be any possibility for it to fall into the water. Also avail other spa accessories such as manicure and pedicure supplies, which are the basic products to have for a spa salon.

A pedicure technician needs to always update their skills as there are always new techniques and new styles are coming into the trend in the nail market. And many associative spa accessories are also coming into the market accordingly to offer you the convenience of work on new spa techniques effortlessly. Check out the spa furniture and accessories from Esthetica Spa & Salon Furniture to find the perfect matches for your salon.

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