All about induction hobs

With induction hobs, both the bottom of the cooking vessel and the side walls are heated. As the heat is generated directly in the pot, the heat is distributed better and the contents are warmed up faster. The cooking process can be precisely dosed thanks to a short reaction time.

Another advantage is that the cooking surface next to the pot stays cool as it does not heat itself and does not conduct heat. The area underneath is only heated secondarily through contact with the pot thermal return and radiation from the pot: What is particularly practical is that nothing can burn, which makes cleaning easier. It is very important to shop kitchen appliances according to your choice.

Many induction hobs offer automatic programs. Whether it’s melting chocolate, preparing french fries or grilling fish: Simply select the setting you want for the food you want. Even different grill levels such as rare, medium or well done are possible. Nothing can boil or burn anymore.

Induction hobs require certain pans and pots, which have to be made of ferrous metal stainless steel, enamelled steel or cast iron.  What is important is a magnetizable base. Pay attention to this when buying a new one.

Induction hobs – including conventional glass ceramic hobs – are, in contrast to conventional methods, safer, faster and 25 percent more economical.


During induction, an electromagnetic field builds up between the coil and the ferromagnetic bottom of the pot. Since no flames are generated during the process, only the bottom of the pot heats up on the cold cooking surface. The induction technology therefore minimizes the risk of possible burns. The induction hob can also heat up during cooking, as the saucepan transfers residual heat. In this case, the residual heat indicator on the display informs you as long as the cooking zones have not cooled down sufficiently. Also practical the hob switches off automatically when the saucepan is removed and the induction is interrupted. The automatic stop system is also activated if the saucepan is left standing for a long period of time. As soon as the saucepan overflows and spreads over the hob, the anti-overflow system is activated automatically and informs you on the display. In addition, the child safety feature prevents unwanted adjustments.

Fast and energy-efficient

The intelligent pan detection enables precise detection of the pan surface and only activates the required induction surface. Dishes are cooked more energy-efficiently and twice as quickly as on conventional gas hotplates.

Easy cleaning

As long as the cooking zones are not heated by induction fields, burnt fat and food residues can be easily cleaned with one wipe.

Precise setting

Induction fields react very quickly to changes in power and enable precise control during cooking. The soft-touch operator control enables easy access and facilitates fast cooking and slow heating.

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