What Are the Benefits of Rigid Vinyl Flooring?

Rigid vinyl flooring was created to replace flexible luxury vinyl planks in homes. Rigid vinyl is dimensionally stable and more durable than premium vinyl. It is made with polyvinyl mixed with limestone and stabilizers. These ingredients produce exceptionally stable vinyl planks. This article will outline the benefits of rigid vinyl flooring. Once you understand the benefits, you will be ready to choose the right flooring for your home.


If you’re looking for a durable, waterproof flooring option, rigid core luxury vinyl flooring may be the way to go. Made of a rigid core that’s more stable than real wood, this flooring can withstand the abuse commercial floors face. Its wear layer provides extra protection against abrasions and other damages, and it’s easy to clean. Its durability makes it a wise choice for commercial spaces, as it can handle high traffic, moisture, and heavy rolling loads.

The wear layer provides extra protection from scratches, stains, and dents while hiding subfloor imperfections and guaranteeing long-term performance. The wear layer and SPC core are seamless and are moulded together using an innovative extrusion process. The durable material is easy to clean, and the wear layer is removable and replaceable. While it’s only suitable for indoor use, this flooring also comes with matching colour T-Moldings.


There are many different types of waterproof rigid vinyl flooring. The core of waterproof rigid vinyl is made from limestone, a polymer, and stabilizers. It’s much denser than traditional PVC. The rest of the material is made up of layers called underlayments, which act as padding between the planks. They’re durable and water-resistant, but not scratchproof. Some styles are even designed with embossed wood grain patterns, which are great for homes with kids.

Another benefit of waterproof vinyl floors is their ease of care. Unlike hardwood floors, waterproof floors don’t need yearly cleanings or professional maintenance. A PH neutral vinyl floor cleaner and a rag will clean your waterproof floors. Waterproof bases won’t stain or scratch and can last for over 20 years with proper care. Waterproof floors are easy to clean, too. A damp cloth and a non-abrasive floor cleaner are sufficient for most surfaces.

Sound dampening

In a residential setting, the sound dampening properties of rigid vinyl flooring will vary depending on the thickness of the flooring and its material. Top-quality vinyl flooring is sound-dampening, with nearly sound-free surfaces. A foam backing also provides additional padding. Rigid core click flooring is easy to install and features specialized support that can help reduce noise from heavy foot traffic. Typically, loose lay LVT comes in 5mm thickness, with a non-skid backing that adds additional padding to the surface.

Floating the vinyl directly over the substrate can be an effective way to improve the sound-dampening qualities of this flooring. This method, however, is not recommended for areas with high noise levels, as it increases the risk of floor movement. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a floor that is thick enough for soundproofing. If the floor is too thin, the vinyl can be pulled up to place the underlayment. After the underlayment is in place, the floor can be covered with carpeting.

Easy to install

To install easy to install rigid vinyl flooring, prepare the subfloor and make sure the floor is flat and clean. If necessary, repair existing flooring, such as cracks and holes. You may also need installation supplies, such as coordinating trims, safety glasses, a tapping block or pull bar, a saw, and a tape measure. For high-moisture installations, acclimation may be required. Rigid core installation does not require acclimation. Acclimating allows the flooring to adjust to the environment.

The best part about installing rigid core vinyl flooring is that it can be installed in a short time. Most of these materials have an underlayment to prevent scratches and dents. If the subfloor is not flat and smooth, narrower planks will fit better. When choosing vinyl flooring, choose one that is waterproof and includes an underlayment. This underlayment will keep the floor from warping and tearing. Easy to install rigid vinyl flooring is a great choice for a busy household.


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