Ways to Avoid Kitchen Cabinet Steam Damage

Kitchen cabinets are a significant investment for a home. Taking the necessary steps to protect a kitchen cabinet Laguna Hills from damage is crucial. Many kitchen remodeling companies will agree that steam is considered one of the most damaging sources of heat and moisture to wood kitchen cabinets. Steam from various appliances such as pressure cookers, coffee makers, and toasters can quickly discolor and melt lower-quality cabinetry, especially if left unattended.

Aside from Cabinet Refacing Oceanside, there are other ways that can help prevent kitchen steam damage for your cabinets at home. One recommended tip to avoid kitchen cabinet steam damage in the long term is to keep appliances away from kitchen cabinets. Keeping kitchen devices that emit steam away from cabinets can help prevent the sudden cost of replacing the whole kitchen cabinetry.

However, if putting appliances near the cabinets is unavoidable due to limited kitchen space, installing heat shields to deflect the excess steam that devices emit is helpful.

Another helpful tip to avoid kitchen cabinet steam damage is to use cabinet-friendly cleaners and solutions to maintain and clean cabinets. It is crucial to use a cleaning solution that is not very harsh and will not cause discoloration in the long term. Many cleaning solutions for kitchen cabinets in the market contain a powerful degreaser that can wipe away grease and grime from the surface and prevent steam from sticking to cabinets.

Ensuring the kitchen is well-ventilated is also helpful in avoiding steam damage to kitchen cabinets. A well-ventilated kitchen ensures that steam escapes from outlets instead of settling on the cabinets. An airy and ventilated kitchen area can keep moisture from accumulating on the wood, which can result in severe damage over time.

For more details about avoiding steam damage for kitchen cabinets, here is an infographic from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.


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