Top Reasons to Have a Humidifier in Your Home 

Proper humidity is one of the less considered factors that contribute to home comfort. Given most people move homes over summer, they never realize the need for proper humidity. At this time the natural humidity is always at around 80%. 

However, it all gets tough over the winter when the humidity levels suddenly go down and you don’t realize whatever is going on. Looking keenly you will observe an issue with your humidifier. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a whole-home humidifier.

  • Keep your family healthy 

The humidity level in your home impacts your family’s health. Air that is too dry harbors various bacteria that can cause dry throats, dry skins, chapped lips, and sinus problems. Germs like flu thrive on dry air thus exposing your family to possible diseases. That is why most people catch a cold during the winter. The low humidifiers also make it hard to breathe and can affect those who suffer from asthma and other allergies. 

Right now with the prevalence of coronavirus is the best time to have your humidifier running. Studies have shown the virus thrives in relatively lower temperatures. With the humidifier on, you reduce the moisture hence lowering the risk of breeding the virus. 

To keep your family safe, you need a high-quality humidifier. Speak to the palm springs HVAC company to help you upgrade your humidification levels. 

  • Prevent static electricity

Have you ever walked across a room or touched a metal surface and got shocked? That is most cases is the static electricity at work. When you wear shoes with synthetic soles, they insulate electricity hence your body cannot discharge it leading to a build-up in the body. The discharge increases when you rub your shoes on the carpet.

The amount of static electricity increases due to low humidity due to an increase in moisture. Install a humidifier to reduce the risk of static electricity at home. 

  • Improved comfort 

The home’s humidity level is impactful on the temperature levels. Nothing feels bad more than having to brace the winter for the cold nights and days then wait for the summers to sweat all day.

You don’t have to stay a slave of the weather conditions when you have a functional home humidifier. Use the HVAC system to cool over the summer and keep warm during winter. Controlling the humidity levels helps control your comfort at home. 

  • Protect your investments

Low humidity at home can damage your home’s furnishings such as the hardwood floors, windows, and furniture. These valuable items become dry and crack when exposed to too low humidity. Too much moisture can also lead to a lot of moisture leading to the growth of mildew or mold.

To protect your home valuables, install a humidifier to ensure appropriate moisture levels relative to the prevalent atmospheric features. 

Bottom Line 

Even though most homeowners never invest in home humidifiers, it is a necessity, Install a functional HVAC system to help regulate the humidity level at home. It helps you keep healthy, improve comfort and protect your investments. 


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