7 Types of Bathroom Mirrors

7 Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Any homeowner knows the importance of a mirror in the bathroom. They offer many benefits, as mentioned in this article from Remer. As a result, these householders take their time choosing the most suitable mirror.

Bathroom mirrors come in many styles and designs. Each offers unique features that can add value to your bathroom’s overall appeal.

Here are some of them.

1.     Wall-mounted mirrors

Wall-mounted mirrors are the most common type of bathroom mirror. Their appeal mainly comes from their wide range of shapes and sizes. And as its name suggests, this type of mirror is affixed to the wall above the sink or vanity.

2.     Frameless mirrors

If you are into sleek and minimalist designs, go for a frameless mirror. Since their frame is not visible around the edges, they create a clean and modern look. Frameless mirrors are popular for homeowners with contemporary bathrooms.

3.     Framed mirrors

As the name implies, framed mirrors are the opposite of frameless ones. This mirror features a border or frame around the edges, adding style and visual interest to it. The frame can be made of wood, metal, plastic, etc., allowing customisation to match the bathroom’s decor.

4.     Medicine cabinet mirrors

Medicine cabinet mirrors offer the dual functionality of a mirror and storage space.

This type of mirror is built with a hinged door that opens to reveal shelves or compartments behind the mirror. You can place your toiletries, medications, and other personal items here.

5.     Backlit mirrors

Consider backlit mirrors if you need a mirror that offers excellent illumination for grooming tasks. Since they have built-in lighting behind their surface, these mirrors are perfect for those who need extra light to perform their daily hygiene tasks.

In addition, the light these mirrors illuminate can add a touch of ambience to the bathroom.

6.     LED mirrors

LED mirrors have recently gained popularity among many homeowners. They are highly sought after for their modern and sleek appearance.

Many householders also prefer an LED mirror in their bathroom for its functional and energy-efficiency benefits.

7.     Smart mirrors

Technology continuously advances, and smart mirrors are proof of that. This type of mirror is the newer innovation in bathroom mirror technology.

Touchscreen displays, WiFi connectivity, and built-in speakers are among the features smart mirrors have. These elements allow them to provide weather updates, play music, display notifications, and integrate with voice assistants.

There are many bathroom mirror types, and these are only some. So if you are to purchase one, you must consider your personal preferences and their functionality. It is also vital to consider the size and layout of your bathroom.

Choosing the right kind of mirror can enhance your bathroom space’s functionality and visual appeal.

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