Simple Ways To Transform Your Garden 

Garden transformations can often get overwhelming quite quickly, especially if your garden hasn’t had any TLC for a while. Therefore, I will be going through some simple ways to transform your garden and make it look brand new without taking up too much time or money. 

Whether you’re particularly green-fingered or not, this blog covers everything from basic tips when completing a garden transformation to more intricate details to top it off. 

Start from the ground up 

If your garden has been neglected for some time, then the best approach may be to strip it bare and start again. Start by focusing on one section at a time and de-weed and prep that section until you’re left with a blank canvas. 

Doing this will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by an overgrown garden and will also ensure your garden is properly prepped before you start any work on it. 

When completing this, you’ll need to implement a waste solution so you don’t end up with an even more cluttered garden than you had to begin with. You can choose from a couple of different waste removal options. Skip hire and grab hire are the two most common, each having their own pros and cons.  It depends on the size and state of your garden as to which would be the best option to go with.

Create a garden that fits you

Not all of us are naturally green-fingered, luckily there are multiple solutions so you can still transform your garden without having to pick up many gardening tools. 

If you have attempted to transform your garden multiple times and just can’t get into the swing of it, then it might be time to pursue other routes. Investing in good quality fake grass will not only last a long time but it will also make your garden look fresher and it needs very little maintenance, making it the perfect option. 

As well as this, you can also purchase fake plants and shrubbery that look realistic and require next to no care. If you wanted some input into your garden, you can include a few real plants to break it up, you can purchase low maintenance ones from your local garden center. 

Keep on top of your garden 

It’s all good giving your garden a transformation, but if you don’t keep on top of it, it will quickly go back to how to used to be. Schedule in when you’re going to give your garden a refresh to keep it in good condition. This may be something you do weekly or monthly depending on your garden. 

Once you’ve got to know your garden and the speed at which it grows, you’ll be able to create an effective routine that works for you and your garden. This will get easier as time goes on, but make sure you stick to your routine, even in the colder months otherwise you’ll end up going back to square one. 

Once again, you’ll need to acquire a waste management system. If you don’t have a compost bin or your garden is rather large then I would suggest hiring a skip as they can be delivered and collected at a time to suit you. Stone UK Ltd, a skip hire company near Ruislip offer various skip sizes so you can choose the right one for your size garden. 

Add a seating area 

Contrary to popular opinions, it is possible to enjoy your garden all year round, if you have the right facilities. Creating a seating area in your garden is typically a no brainer, however, most people only create areas that can be enjoyed in the summer. Investing in a few add ons will enable you to enjoy your seating area all year round. 

Firstly, create a decking area to hold your furniture as this will ensure you and your guests won’t have to endure the wet, muddy grass when enjoying your garden throughout the winter months. 

Above your decking, create an overhead cover as not only will it protect you from the dreary weather in the winter, but it was also create a comfortable shade spot for the summer months. 

As well as this, investing in a good quality electrical fire will ensure you can keep your guests warm when needed. It will also add to your decor by acting as a beautiful centerpiece, thus enhancing your garden transformation. 

When it comes to choosing your decking furniture, I’d suggest investing in long-lasting and good-quality furniture so you can get the most out of it as possible. I’d also suggest purchasing furniture with detachable cushions as they can be easily cleaned and brought inside when needed.

Small decor makes a big difference

When it comes to a garden transformation, you don’t need to go all out with the decor items as it will make your garden appear smaller and cluttered. The phrase “less is more” is extremely apt when it comes to garden transformations as it’s all about the little details. 

There are many decor items that you can utilise to add character and transform your garden. Adding outside lights can quite literally brighten up your space. There are many options including string lights and wall lights, so you can choose the right ones to tie in with your decor. 

As well as this, small planters and climbing parts can add a lot of colour and life into your garden, without taking up too much space. Climbing plants are a great way to make your fence look more decorative and hide any unattractive parts. 

Now it’s time to transform your garden 

Now that I have shared my top simple ways to transform your garden, it’s time for you to put them to the test in your own garden. Whatever the state and size of your garden, these simple tips will help you to transform it. 

Remember to keep on top of your garden so you don’t end up undoing all the work you’ve put into it in the first place. I’d also highly suggest ensuring you have an effective waste solution so you can keep your garden as clear as possible.

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