Signs Indicating Leaking Issues in Your Home

Estimates show that a single leaking pipe annually wastes one trillion gallons of water. According to the data, over 90% of homeowners are responsible for producing most of this waste, which amounts to over 90 gallons each day. Unwary owners frequently overlook this water wastage. However, if left unattended, not only do people waste a lot of water over time, but they are also wasting money and seriously damaging their homes.

Numerous plumbing problems take place out of sight, behind walls, or in unfinished spaces. The bad news is that even a small leak can grow into a huge problem if it isn’t repaired. You should keep your eyes as wide open and even regularly check for leaks to keep your property secure and save tons of money on expensive repairs. Mentioned below are some of the common signs that indicate you have a leakage problem in your house –

Spotting Molds


If a pipe in your ceiling or walls is dripping water, this water may eventually cause the entire area to become extremely moist. As most people are aware, mold frequently grows in damp areas. If you notice any spots of persistent mold growth in your home, this could be a pretty good sign that a pipe is leaking nearby. Mold poses a serious risk and should be avoided at all costs. It is difficult to identify the starting problem by yourself, so it is wise to call a professional to get assistance. 

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High Water Bill 


Your water bill increased unexpectedly for a few good reasons. You may have reasons like guests staying at your home, or climatic elements, like watering your yard in the summer. However, if you see an abrupt and unexplained increase in your water bill, there may be a concealed leak in your house.

Water Stains on Ceiling 


Water-stained ceilings are another obvious sign that indicate the leak is somewhere overhead, along with mold growth. This might be the result of a leaking water pipe or even a roof leak, depending on the location. It is important to hire a plumber altamonte springs fl to do professional plumbing leak detection if you are unclear about the source.

Warped or Damaged Flooring


Your flooring may begin to buck and warp if the leak is not on the walls or ceiling, but underneath. The chances are high with wooden or laminate floors. If it’s not too severe and it’s happening in a place where there is a lot of water already, like a bathroom, then you may like to stop water flowing to the floor. However, any noticeable warping that is not in a wet region of the house should be interpreted as a potential leak.

Crack in Foundation 


A house may naturally settle over time, leading to minor, usually unimportant foundational fissures. However, if cracks emerge suddenly, it can indicate that there is a leak beneath the walls. The water could spread and cause more harm if the problem is not solved.

Get in contact with a plumbing service as soon as you find any one of the problems in your house. However, it is always wise to contact a plumber nearby so that they take less time commuting. 


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