Construction work: Does the type of cement matter in the projects we work?

How far we generally get to know about the construction line and the components that behold the sectors? It is of various sectors and the market behind it is unbelievably huge from exports and imports with many uncountable loops into it. And among one of the basic and irreplaceable components of the construction sector is cement. In the construction sector, there is a substitute for it in any style of work from small to big working projects. And sometimes general people are not aware of the difference between cement and concrete so, make sure before going ahead.

Cement is the basement in the construction line and those who are not even professional know about it if they have seen at least about the construction work. Keep on moving do we know that are many types of cement products and types that matter to us while working. 

Types of cement:

  • (OPC) Ordinary Portland cement
  • (PPC)Portland Pozzolana cement
  • Colored cement
  • High alumina cement
  • Rapid hardening cement
  • Low heat cement
  • White cement
  • Quick setting cement
  • Blast furnace slag cement
  • Sulfates resisting cement

Are the mainly known cements also there are quite mild cements that are not widely used

  • Air – Entraining cement
  • Expansive cement
  • Hydrographic cement

The above are the all types of cement that are used are the construction let us closely get to know about them.

Ordinary Portland Cement OPC:

Among all the types OPC is the most common and majorly used type of cement product globally. Like an all-purpose flour ordinary portland cement is an all-purpose cement. It is mainly used on construction work and also mixed with wall putty for smooth a finish in the work. It is a highly highest and rich cement than the rest types. It is the most manufactured among cement plants all around the world because of its wide use.

Portland Pozzolana cement PPC:

Portland pozzolana cement is shortly known as PPC also widely well known for construction work bridges, dams, and extra because of their durability to chemicals. Mostly on water-related PPC cement are used. It is manufactured in the cement plants in a combination of gypsum and pozzolana with portland cement as mentioned before.

White Cement:

White cement is made of limestone and clay when we look rationally. It is a white cement because of avoiding iron and oxide during the manufacturing process with portland cement. It is costly comparatively and could be seen used by artists and even in molding DIY projects. Like personally made flower vase decorative products etc.

Air – Entraining Cement:

Unlike other types of cement air-entraining cement are combined with resins, sodium salts, and glues which are air-entraining, in short, that does not allow air to break into and can avoid cracks in the work. Because of the input of glue and resins, it can work with less amount of water which improves more strength.


Likewise, we have been gone through the details of fewer cement types in brief we can see that every type has a working structure and used for a different purpose. 

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