Resin Bound And Resin Bonded – Know The Difference

Do you know that even if the terms resin bound and resin bonded sound the same or make one think that they are the same, they are totally different from each other? If you are thinking of replacing your existing driveway with a resin driveway you must definitely spend some time to understand the difference between the two types of driveways. If you blindly start ordering the material without knowing the difference then the chances are high that you end up with the wrong materials and end up with a wrong driveway choice.

What is resin bonded driveway? In case of resin bonded driveway, a layer of resin is applied to the entire driveway area and a layer of gravel is laid on the glue or the resin. Several natural stone options are available here and the surface finish of resin bonded driveway is rough. This type of driveway is a non-porous driveway and water does not seep into the driveway because the resin base blocks the water from seeping into the ground. You must get prior approval in case you are installing this type of driveway as this is a non-porous driveway.

What is resin bound driveway? Here, with resin bound driveway, uniform size gravel is mixed with the right quantity of resin and it is applied on the driveway area. As opposed to the rough surface finish of the resin bonded driveways, resin bound paving produces a glossy finish. The advantage here is that the driveway is a porous driveway and water seeps into the driveway. No prior approval is required for the installation of this type of driveways. As the surface finish is smooth, it is easy to clean the driveway and to maintain it. This is not the case with the resin bonded driveway where the surface is rough. Within a short time, debris and dirt could get accumulated on the rough surface. Moreover, you will be able to notice algae growth on the resin bonded driveways. All these make resin bound driveways to be superior in terms of quality, finish, maintenance and eco-friendliness.

If you are thinking of installing resin driveways you must make certain that you are choosing the right options. Take your time to review and to screen the options at hand and when you are ready to proceed you should ensure that you either select resin bound driveway or something that is better than resin bound driveway. As of now, resin bound driveway is the number one option when you take into account all the above factors.

Install eco-friendly resin bound driveways and it is possible to install the driveway yourself without having to call any professional installation company. This will help you save some money in the process and the best part is that you would still be able to produce exceptional results when you install resin driveways yourself. Always order excellent quality resin bound material available in the UK for the best results.

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