Reasons People Look at Buying Property in The UK

Many people are looking to invest in property and for a lot of reasons. One of the most popular is because they have seen how much prices have gone up in recent years or maybe they want to buy a holiday home that will rise in value over time. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to buying property abroad.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should consider buying property in the UK.

1. Continental living is becoming a trend.

Continental living, or long-term renting, is becoming a popular way of living in the UK.

The country is experiencing an undersupply and rising demand, causing rental prices for property owners who are looking at long-term forecasts on investments.

In 2022 real property experts predict that average rent will go up by 2% over this year’s rate; contributing 8%. They also predict five more years where rents would rise with an annual increase of 5%, reaching approximately £8 ($11) per square foot ($100/m2).

The Midlands and South East are expected to see rents increase by 12% over the next five years. The West Midland is faring even better, with forecasts suggesting it could reach 18%.

The future of UK investing appears bright in these regions as they outperform other areas around Great Britain through higher projected growth rates for rental prices than average predicted values across all market segments combined – especially when we look at specific key areas such as core investments in Coventry (9%) and Birmingham (7%).

2. Buyer confidence.

The property market has been on an upward trajectory for the last six months, with 75% of active buyers in Great Britain feeling confident they will purchase a home. This level is expected to continue climbing into 2022 as more people enter this stage of life or are looking at homes that meet their needs—a trend which looks set to go into overdrive by then.

3. Discounted rates on real property are available.

The right property can make a great return on investment for investors. Some of the most effective strategies to do this are by finding below market value properties, buying into auction homes and other distressed assets such as repossessions with short leases or cash deals; it’s also possible to get your money back through buy refurb/refinance then invest again.

These are only a few of the many strategies that allow you to save up-to 30% when buying property in the UK. For instance, in the Below Market Value (BMV) strategy, where instead of paying full market value for an apartment or house; buyers can find properties at much lower rates by searching through auction catalogues and buybacks.

4. The UK population continues to grow.

As the UK population grows rapidly, it is imperative to invest in property that can adapt. With more than half of all people over 65 expected by 2050 and 1 million currently renting– there has never been an opportunity like this before.

A record number (1 out every 5) will be aged 80 or older which means many homes could soon become available for purchase as well as rent with less maintenance requirements due to their age; making these properties perfect investments regardless if you’re buying land but also getting higher yields on yield-bearing assets such mortgages via re-mortgaged loans vs standard mortgage.

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