Advantages of Choosing Bright Cottages to Stay For a Holiday Trip

Due to this pandemic situation, almost more than half of the world population is stuck indoors. People are anxiously waiting for their next holiday trip, but they are waiting for the pandemic to end. But the big question is do you feel safe to travel after the pandemic is over? Will you prefer self-catered Bright cottages or book a hotel? We have provided some helpful points that will help you to enjoy a holiday trip.

There are various reasons why you should choose a cottage rather than choosing hotels or shared lodges. Here we have listed some prominent benefits of choosing cottages:

Freedom and flexibility:

If you choose a cottage for your holiday stay, you will enjoy freedom and flexibility because you will come and go on your own set timetable. You can enjoy a full day long in your cottage or go outside to explore the new city whenever you want.

And just like the flexibility in time will be enjoyable, you will not be restricted to designated meal times. Whether you want to eat your breakfast at 7 am sharp or at 1 pm, you are fully free and can choose to eat your breakfast at a time that suits you. The same case goes with the dinner. There will be no stress with self-catering.


This type of freedom accommodation offers more space than hotel rooms. So this is one of the best options, especially when you are on holiday with your family. Mostly all self-catered facilities are spacious and provide a large dining and lounge area so you and your family can enjoy together and have a great time.

Plus, there is no limitation and restriction to stay in one room. Cottages often have ample sized bedrooms and bathrooms that anyone can use. So you and your family can have their individual rooms and there will be no need to share a room with a lot of people at once.


Self-catered accommodation is best in terms of providing privacy. It provides more privacy than hotels and hostels. Therefore, if you are going with your family or you are a newlywed couple going on a holiday trip and want to have some privacy, portable cottages Red Deer County are the best options to choose from.

Having complete privacy, you can organize your own day at your own scheduled time behind closed doors. It can make your life less stressful, and you can enjoy fully enjoy your holiday. Most of the cottages and self-catered accommodations have spacious gardens that give you the chance to enjoy BBQ parties on sunny evenings.

A variety of food options:

Having self-catered facilities does not mean that you have to slave away in the kitchen throughout your holiday trip. You are fully allowed to eat out and find modest rate food deals. You would not need to break your bank to have dinner on holiday.

The kitchens of self-catered accommodations are mostly fully equipped, so whether you want to have white sauce pasta or a simple breakfast, you can easily make anything you want to eat.  Plus, many kitchens also allow you to easily manage your dietary requirements.

Great value:

Booking a cottage or a self-catered accommodation is more cost-effective than booking a hotel, especially when you are going on a holiday trip with your family. You can get from two to five bedrooms in a cottage for the same price as if you book one room in a hotel. Therefore, booking a cottage will be more beneficial for you.

Plus, you have the freedom of shopping and cooking on your own without the need of depending on other workers in the hotel. Therefore, all these features make it a cost-effective solution for you.

So if you are planning a holiday trip with your family to Bright, then you should consider Bright cottages as these will be a more and more beneficial and safe option for you and your family.

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