Real Estate Lawyers vs. Real Estate Agents – Learn from Asaf Izhak Rubin

A real estate lawyer is a professional who deals in all sorts of legal formalities that are involved in the process of making deals and transactions in real estate markets whether residential or commercial. They are highly knowledgeable personnel who excel in the learning of real estate laws and regulations. They possess a high level of expertise in handling property documents and other property transactions-related issues.

On the other hand, a real estate agent is merely a middle-man who is responsible for making contact with a buyer on the seller’s behalf. They ensure that the right buyers meet the right property sellers or developers.

While the job title sounds same, their roles vary significantly. In fact, talking about client protection and ensuring that the deals are always smooth, a real estate lawyer is who you should look up to rather than a real estate agent.

Protecting the Client’s Interests

It is true that real estate agents find the right type of property for a buyer whereas they also make sure that the seller is also in touch with a potential buyer. The main concern here is that making the buyer and sellers meet doesn’t mean that the real estate agent will help with the deals go smooth.

Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests that a real estate agent works to make sure that they benefit from the deal as well. Their primary concern is that the deal takes place on the agreed value in order for them to gain a commission similar to any other transactions or property deals.

Conversely, a real estate lawyer will help protect a buyer and seller’s interests alike. Should any problems arise relating to property disputes, legal issues, or any other concern, a real estate lawyer will be the one to solve it because they know the real estate laws better than any other professional (i.e. real estate agent).

As described above, a real estate agent will ensure that they benefit in the form of commissions and making the ends meet between the parties involved in a property deal. However, when it comes to drafting documents and forming legal papers, a real estate agent may not be the one looking to help you.

Apart from their commission, they will not focus on making sure that the documents are authentic and legally-satisfied. It is a real estate lawyer, as Asaf Izhak Rubin explains, who is responsible for making sure that all the legal documents are in place and authentic. In case of encountering false papers and legal documents, a real estate lawyer will take into account different measures to protection the buyer and/or seller.

Providing legal advices is not the strong suit of many real estate agents. While they hope that the process and property deals be successful, their main objective is to obtain commission, a high success rate, and an excellent reputation.

What you should know is that a real estate lawyer will be the one who helps in identifying any loopholes or faults in any property-related issue. From forming legal contracts and finalizing the purchase, a real estate lawyer will provide you with legal advice which will involve a competitive market analysis. This analysis will help you make sure that the deal you’re in is better than those available under the same circumstances that you require.


Being aware of the importance of the role of a real estate lawyer helps you in guiding your decision when purchasing a property in any real estate market.  Real estate agents help anchor profitable real estate deals but real estate lawyers are the ones who ensure that the deals come into fruition and become successful.

Besides that, real estate lawyers will be with you from the start to the finish of a property deal unlike real estate agents. They will make sure that you understand documentation and the need of all the legal processing that takes place. In short, they will inform you why some processes occur and how you can benefit in cases of legal disputes.

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