Obtain Optimum Security With Digital Door Locks

There are superior advancements in the levels of security that are now offered to the houses. Owing to this, Digital door lock (ดิจิตอล door lock, which is the term in Thai) has evolved to become one of the most important features for security in a closed space. These locks offer a cost-effective and easy to install solution for security in buildings. These are a good option especially for buildings where a large volume of people enter and exit the building. Therefore, the use of cards or allocation of keys is a fairly impractical solution.

With the help of digital locks, you can also gain the facility of keyless entry into any building where it is fitted. This eliminates any necessity for you to carry an extra set of keys at all times. These locks are essential of two types:

  1. Electronic, which either runs on batteries or is connected directly to the mains.
  2. Mechanical, where there is no power required and it can be operated just by using push button locks.

What Are The Different Types Of Digital Locks?

Electronic door locks are a lot more in demand because of the features and convenience that they offer. Contrary to traditional locks, electronic locks offer excellent ease of access. There are essentially three types of electronic locks depending on the way they function. They are as follows:

  • Using Electronic Keypad: In this kind of lock, all you have to do is just enter a code using which you can gain access to the premises.
  • Smart Cards: These locks are widely used in office buildings as well as hotels where once the card is placed over a sensor, the door unlocks.
  • Biometric: This is the kind of lock that offers you access only when your fingerprint is recognised by it.

Depending on the chosen model, digital locks can be conveniently installed on a range of doors including timber or wood doors as well as UPVC doors.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Digital Locks?

The Advantages Of Digital Locks Are As Follows:

  • The most essential feature of these locks is that they offer keyless entry. This absolutely discards the need to carry any spare key or fear losing them.
  • They offer fast access and can even be sometimes controlled via remote controls as and when needed.
  • Can be easily fitted into the existing door lock system with minimal hassle.

How Are Digital Locks A Reliable Option?

Digital door locks are robust and they can easily offer service for many years. These locks are self-contained which makes them very easy to install and set up. Moreover, no extra software is required to get the device started. These locks are a perfect fit for hospitals, schools as well as offices.

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