Most Trendy Bathroom Vanities – Things You Should Know Before Buying One 

Renovating a bathroom is as much a necessity as a luxury. An unorganized obsolete bathroom looks cramped, dingy, and depressing, even. And, it’s not just small bathrooms that can give the look of a dungeon, even a very big bathroom can look very much the same. Hence, the one thing that all bathrooms require – irrespective of their size – is proper vanities. In this guide, we will be walking you through some amazing bathroom vanities that can make any bathroom look as good as new. Dive in for all the details! 

Basics about Bathroom Vanities that You Should Know 

Before we can take you through the many types of bathroom vanities, we’d like to take you through some basic elements that’ll make shopping for the right vanity easier. 

  1. The starting size of vanity for a small bathroom is usually 24″.
  2. A mid-sized vanity ranges between 30″-36″ and 42″.
  3. A big vanity is usually between 48″-60″.
  4. Some vanities come with countertop basins on top of the vanity and some don’t. Also, faucets are not included in a vanity. You have to purchase them separately. 
  5. The most beautiful options for countertop basins and slabs include marble, porcelain, granite, and cast iron. 

Types of Bathroom Vanities that are too Good to Overlook 

Vessel Vanity 

A Vessel vanity looks artistic and fancy and can be customized into any wood of your choice at showrooms like vanités Entrepot Cuisine. It features 2 beautiful bowl-shaped sinks on the top of the vanity. Instead of a pipe connected inside, this one has a separate pipe. Hence, the entire space inside the cabinet is for storage only. 

If you have a big bathroom with contemporary decor, the Vessel Vanity will be the best option. 

Floating Vanity 

You can get it installed just a little over the floor or even high up the wall. It looks quite stunning and is a wonderful option for small bathrooms. The only thing to consider here is that this vanity is not designed to take the excessive weight. So, storing heavy appliances in this one isn’t recommended. 

Under-mounted Vanities 

The basic skeleton of this vanity looks very much like the vessel vanity. However, the most prominent difference between the two is the sink. In this one, the sinks are inside the vanity’s body. 

Vanity Cabinet

This is a sophisticated minimalist bathroom vanity that is perfect for small bathrooms. It usually comes with a slab and a sink mounted on top. It has pull-out drawers that are spacious enough to accommodate even towels. 

To sum up, the look, feel, and aura of every bathroom can be entirely reformed into a relaxing one when you have the right vanity!

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