5 Signs Of Poor Home Insulation


Several telltale signals indicate a new home is inadequately insulated, and many homes have this problem. In a house with poor insulation, you can frequently feel the chill or notice an unexpected increase in your energy costs. To determine whether insulation is the primary problem, there are a few more subtly indicative symptoms you might want to be on the lookout for.

a.   The uneven temperature in the house –

If you’ve turned on the heat, but some rooms are still sweltering while others are freezing, there may be an insulation issue. Old, single-glazed windows are renowned for being “leaky,” enabling draughts to enter freely. Next, examine your floor; suspended floors in older structures frequently have inadequate insulation and are improperly sealed, letting cold air enter. These problems might be unique to this area or affect some or all of the rooms throughout your home, and as such, they might be worth making improvements to. Last but not least, check the roof and walls to verify that they are insulated and, if so, how much and with what.

b.   Cold interiors –

Because they are in close contact with the outside environment, your exterior walls usually feel colder to the touch than your inside walls or flooring. The possibility of a “cold bridge,” in which an interior element is in close proximity to an external element, and there is no insulation to “break the bridge,” should be considered if you notice that your components are chilly. This issue can be resolved by insulating the component internally to prevent it from sending the cold into your rooms or the balcony exterior to prevent the cold from penetrating.

c.   Dry Rooms –

When attempting to enhance the thermal performance of older homes, drought conditions are one of the major problems. No matter how much insulation you add, it will always feel cold inside if your house isn’t properly sealed. In the dead of winter, you wouldn’t leave your front entrance propped open since it would render your house shiveringly cold. Having a home that isn’t properly sealed is similar to doing this, but the solution is perhaps getting good insulation services to resolve the issue.

d.   Damp Insulations –

It’s time to replace insulation if you check it and find that it’s moist. Older varieties of fiberglass insulation are susceptible to becoming moist as a result of leaks; if this occurs, the insulation will collapse and “flatten,” considerably reducing its performance. While it may ultimately dry out, increasing performance a little bit, while it is wet, all of the air holes created by the glass wool will be lost, thus lowering performance to zero. If this occurs in the winter, you will have an expensive proposition trying to maintain your house warm. You could try using quality insulation services to help prevent this.

e.   Ice Issues –

Ice accumulating around the house is unmistakable evidence of inadequate insulation. This may consist of:

  • Ice dams
  • Pipes
  • Interior Windows

Thus, getting proper insulation from reliable home insulation contractors northridge ca can help you improvise the insulation in your house and make it cozy and comfortable.


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