The foundation of a home plays a key role in how stable and durable it is, which in turn impacts on repairs and maintenance during the life of the building. The foundation needs to be strong enough to withstand all the stresses and strains wrought by the weather and changing soil conditions. Its design needs to take into account various aspects such as the local climate, the type of soil the house will sit on, and the design of the building. It’s important to protect your home’s foundations to minimise damage (and the cost of repairs). Here a foundation solutions company offers some advice on how you can do this.

Proper drainage

Certain types of soil can hold a large amount of water, which puts pressure on building foundations. Too much water being absorbed by the foundation can lead to damage both outside and within a home. It can also cause the foundation to settle unevenly, leading to damage to windows and doors. You can help prevent this by ensuring there is proper drainage around your foundation. Look for signs of water pooling or any cracks or discolouration, which could indicate that too much water is getting through and starting to cause damage. If you spot any issues, make sure they’re resolved straight away to prevent them getting worse and causing more damage. Gutters are an effective way of directing water away from foundations.

Dry weather

Conversely, too little water can lead to soil becoming so dry that it shrinks and cracks, leading to instability in your home’s foundation. It can also cause the foundation to move unevenly, leading to structural problems throughout the home, and large gaps or cracks in the soil will let in more water when it rains, potentially causing water damage. To prevent this, water the ground around your foundation regularly during dry spells, making sure to spread the water evenly. It’s also a good idea to get a foundation repair company pueblo co to assess your foundation after a particularly dry spell.

Monitor foliage

Large trees that grow rapidly can cause subsidence, which can lead to foundation damage. Tree roots absorb a lot of the water in soil, increasing the chances of foundations moving, which in turn can lead to structural damage to a building. Root barriers can be put in place to deflect root growth away from the foundation, and trees can be trimmed or removed to limit any damage, but you’ll need to get a tree removal expert in to assess the situation and do the necessary work.

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