How Do I Choose a Window Style for My House?


Selecting a particular window style for your home can be tasking. This is because there are numerous things you need to think about as you are looking for the perfect option for your window replacement project.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to get worked up over this issue as this article will describe different window styles. With the help of this article, it will easier for you to choose a window style that suits your house.

  • Awning windows

Awning windows are windows that can be opened outward as they are hinged at the top. Due to the location of their hinges, awning windows enable lots of ventilation to come into your home. These windows don’t allow rain to get into the room; therefore, they are good for basements.

  • Double-hung windows

double hung windows with warranty lenexa ks are unique and modern windows with two operable sashes. Since these windows can open and close without any protrusion, they tend to be good for rooms connected to walkways, patios, or terraces. Also, they can be used for rooms with small spaces.

  • Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung windows. But they have only one operable sash, which is the bottom one. Their upper sash is usually fixed and, therefore, cannot be operated. In addition, single-hung windows are more popular than double-hung and most other window styles. These windows are usually great for rooms with small spaces. Like double-hung windows, single-hung windows can be used for rooms facing patios, porches, etc.

  • Casement windows

If you are looking for versatile and practical windows that can be installed in most rooms inside a home, casement windows are the right window style to choose from. Like doors, casement windows open outwards because their hinges are located on the side. Although most casement windows can only be operated with hand cranks, others can be opened with a push.

  • Picture windows

Picture windows are another window style you can choose for your home. They are often recommended for living rooms or other rooms where you want to get unobstructed views of the exterior. Notably, picture windows are inoperable; hence, you cannot open or close them. Also, they don’t provide ventilation.

  • Fixed windows

Fixed windows are also inoperable like picture windows. In other words, they cannot be opened or closed. Due to their design, fixed windows are energy-efficient and provide unobstructed views of the exterior of a house. They are usually recommended for inaccessible areas.

  • Bay and bow windows

Bay windows include three window partitions with different widths whereas bow windows have three or more windows that are combined equal angles. When bay and bow windows are combined with another operational window, they are usually great for different rooms.

  • Horizontal sliders

To open horizontal sliders, you need to slide them to right or left. This design allows them to be space-efficient and user-friendly. Furthermore, they play an essential role in improving air circulation. Horizontal sliders are a great option for homes with contemporary interiors.

You should take these various window styles into consideration as you invest in window replacement for your home.

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