Do You Want to Renovate Your Singapore Home?

It can be both a terrifying and daunting task to renovate your first house. After all, you were saving and preparing for years in order to build your ideal home one day. Furthermore, an HDB makeover in Singapore could cost you well over S$32,000, or possibly more.

As a result, knowing the total process from beginning to end can help you prepare for the entire design process and also the associated costs. Not to mention the refurbishment schedule you will have to adhere to. This also helps you avoid any bumps in the road when renovating for the first occasion.

Only the last-minute discoveries when it will come to renovation fees are more stressful compared to the actual process of upgrading your home. As a result, it is only reasonable that you have all of the data before you begin renovating your property.

In essence, there really is no single explanation of what the optimum or typical cost of a house renovation in Singapore would be. This is due to the fact that the final cost of refurbishment is dependent on a number of products and services.

In this article, we will try to discuss various things to take into account while carrying out renovation work for the Singapore home.

What should you see before hiring for your home renovation?

1. Check the experience and expertise

When selecting your contractor for the renovation, it is very important to check his expertise and past experience in doing a renovation project. Renovation is a little different than new construction work where the existing structures are also to be considered and have to be properly integrated with old contractions.

2. Check the employees

Employees and staff of your contractor are the backbones as they are the people who will deliver the work. Make sure that they are well experienced and have hands-on experience in handling renovation construction work.

3. Price and affordability

Make sure that the contractor chosen will charge you that is well within your budget. Make sure that he will deliver quality work at the price that he has agreed to do the project.

4. Customer reviews

It is essential that you must get feedback about the contractor from his past clients. These days you can also find online reviews about the contractors. Make sure that people have mentioned good words for the contractor.

5. References

Ask your friends and colleagues to suggest a suitable renovation contractor, with whom you can have trust as it has been recommended by people whom you can trust.

After choosing your contractor for the renovation, you must know a few important steps that you need to take.

1. Assess the scope for renovation

Knowing the magnitude of your remodelling will help you put everything else into context. It clarifies how much funds you need to save for your refurbishment in Singapore, which can be costly.

2. Have clarity about your finances

Most improvements are done in 12 weeks or less. During this time, you may be required to pay up to 95 percent of your total cost of the remodelling. It is time to look into your financial options, including savings and home improvement loans.

3. Select an interior design to complement your contractor

Engaging a reliable renovation company in Singapore like AC Vision are typically more expensive than renovation contractors. You can anticipate more personalized designs with the former, while the latter can usually be more economical.

HDB BTO @ 445A Clementi Ave 3

4. Check the timeframe of the project

This one is self-evident, as it aids in estimating your move-in date, particularly if you are buying a resale. Managing the costs of alternate lodging while your refurbishment is underway can be costly. As a result, make sure that you have got a comprehensive understanding of your renovation schedule.

5. Finalize your design

Finally, get down with your architect to finalize an absolutely stunning design. Choose your materials, as well as your furniture and accessories. You can discuss the expense of the renovation because you will have a good concept from your research.

Rivercove Condo Residence @ Anchorvale

6. Get the home furnished

While those few steps may appear to be tedious, the implementation is where the magic (or calamity) happens. Solicit regular updates on your renovation process from the designer and contractor.

We hope that the information provided in this post will help you to carry out the renovation project of your home in a smooth manner. Whether you have a 3-room, 4-room or 5-room HDB home, here are some unique HDB designs that you can integrate in your desired home.

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