Here are the Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors

Granite has been a very popular countertop choice for the past many decades. Today, with the advancements of production and export techniques, they have become more affordable than ever. This natural stone outshines marble primarily due to its durability and strength. Also, it is low in maintenance and very easy to clean, which makes it a suitable option for communal kitchens. Since there is a wide variety of colors available in granite, we are helping you with the most popular ones.

White granite countertops 

White granite countertops represent elegance and finesse. It is the most compatible color that you can pick, which look stylish with absolutely any combination. Although it is impossible to buy completely white slabs, the flecks and irregular marks on it adds to its beauty. Found in multiple shades, you can pick what best aligns with your preference. 

Black granite countertops 

If you want to add boldness and drama to your kitchen, black is the color to go for. Flecks of gold or white veins on the black slabs are going to be genuine eye-catchers in comparison to that all-solid look. You can pick the slabs that mimic the starry nights and pair them with subtle cabinetry. 

Blue granite countertops 

If you want to create a sense of calm, then blue granite is what you should pick. This color is often compared to the deep blue ocean and its swirling patterns evoke a sense of dynamism. It can add tranquillity to any space it is added in. However, the color intensities and the range of patterns can differ widely from saturated blues with strong veins to the lighter and muted tones. 

Gold granite countertops 

Shades and tones of gold have become a top trend this season. The gold granites can be used to complement both white and moodier kitchen decors. The black and dark green cupboards are going to best complement this shade of granite. If you like warmer tones, this granite is for you. Most granite gold colors have the tones in creams, yellows, browns or ochre hues. There can be tinges of green or veins of black on the surface of these slabs. 

With the most popular granite colors listed above, it’s time to make a choice. Get the ones that best suit your personality and kitchen decor. In this regard, Casa Granite suppliers can meet all your granite demands and will help transform your kitchen the way you have always wanted. 

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