Having a Minimalist Kitchen with Minimalist Countertop Designs

A minimalist kitchen gets rid of details such as hardware, cabinet bevelling, paint colour, and backsplash design in favour of spotless surfaces where attention is drawn to meals instead of the kitchen décor. If you love a minimalist kitchen design, you like simple designs and clean surfaces. A minimalist kitchen adopts such principles with smooth cabinets, flowing countertops, and concealed storage. Take a look at this article by Kitchenate to learn more about the minimalism in kitchen interior design style.If you want to achieve this style, one of the choices you will make is your countertop. In this case, you should consider Kitchen Wholesalers countertops with details and characteristics that can complete your vision.

Minimalist countertops are simple and smooth as well as allow for a smooth flow. Some people look for stone countertops with minimal grain while others prefer a subtly stunning grain that adds a hint of detail to their minimalist kitchen. Here’s what you must think about when picking minimalist countertops for your kitchen:

Uncut Stone Stretches

Uninterrupted lines are real minimalism. You can achieve this by planning for long, smooth granite or marble slabs. Uncut slabs tend to create clean and beautiful minimal lines for the kitchen. Pick a grain and a colour that continuously guide the eye down the counter lengths.

Minimal or Flowing Stone Grain

Flowing grains are the best kind of stone grain for a minimalist kitchen. Pick stone with gentle, low-contrast lines through the slab’s length to minimise the busy appearance of some granites. Metallics such as gold, silver, and gray make great minimalist grain accents as they add offer an understated emphasis to the colour palette and contribute to the monochrome feel. 

Black or White Minimalist Countertops

White and black are common colours for minimalist kitchens. White countertops can complete a glowing all-white kitchen design. Also, a white kitchen with a black countertop showcases a contrast without ruining the monochrome minimalist design.

But you can also have a dark kitchen with minimalist black designs. A glowing black countertop, black enameled appliances, and matte black cabinets can create a modern minimalist kitchen. 

Low Lighting

With low lighting, your minimalist kitchen and countertops get a calming, ethereal vibe. To achieve low lighting effects, install a hanging light or two above the countertop. Ensure such lights have a low-light setting that can be adjusted whenever you want. Also, install lights under the cabinets, so they shine down on the countertop. Make sure you use smaller lights that cover a small area to make low-lighting effects. 

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