Eco-Friendly Bedding For Your Home

With so much emphasis on how we can all help save the environment, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of our favourite eco-friendly products for your house. Continue reading to learn about our green recommendations for bedding in NZ. We’ve spent years looking for eco-friendly bedding, towels, and home accessories, so you won’t have to sacrifice style or quality while shopping for green products. At George Street Linen, we believe in being environmentally conscious. We’re continuously looking for new eco-friendly products to add to our inventory, and we’re excited to share them with you. We enjoy keeping up with the modern bedroom design trends in addition to caring for the environment. We’ve noticed an increase in nature-inspired schemes recently, with green being a prominent feature! As a result, we assumed we’d blended the two.

Environmentally Friendly Bedding

At George Street Linen, we are committed to making deliberate decisions about designing, creating, and supplying premium linen that benefits both our community and the environment. We wish to motivate our community to think about bed linen in new ways regularly. We want to encourage people to take action, make changes, and come up with fresh ideas for making the world more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each season, we harvest our cotton plants, which continue to grow.

Our linen plants are imported from Belgium and are uprooted each season, ensuring that the entire plant is utilised and no waste is produced. Our flax linen farm has been observed to have a favourable influence on eco-system variety by retaining CO2.

Bamboo mixes are one of our favourites because of their incredible adaptability. Bamboo can grow up to four feet per day, absorbs five times more CO2 than most other trees, and produces 35 per cent more oxygen. It regenerates quickly after harvesting and grows well with little water and no chemicals.

Farming Is Preferred Over Manufacturing

We prefer natural fibres to synthetic ones. Our material is sourced directly from the farm, which has a far lower environmental impact than synthetic fibres, which release thousands of tonnes of harmful gases into the atmosphere.


Another excellent incentive to utilise natural fibres is that they can be recycled when the time comes. The sheets we use are biodegradable. That isn’t to argue that our products fail. We conduct various testing and utilise only long-staple fibres to ensure that your bedding lasts and improves with each wash.

There Will Be No Chemical Processing

Natural fibres must be treated with care when used. As a result, there are no harsh chemicals or dyes used in the production of our bedding. We also value preserving those natural qualities because they contribute to a more relaxed and effortlessly attractive appearance.

Packaging That Produces Zero Waste

Our bed linens are sent to you in a beautiful tissue-wrapped box with our characteristic cardboard box. Everything we send them can go right into your recycling bin, ready to be repurposed into something new. Our duffel bags are also made from recycled materials. or a lovely souvenir to keep your linens in.

Less is better

Our bespoke colours and designs are meant to be mixed and matched, so they’ll always stand out in your bedroom.

We suggest changing your cotton sheets every 5-10 years, and your 100 per cent linen sheets will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Fibres From Nature

Every year, we attend many markets worldwide that feature some of the world’s best natural fibres. We’re always looking for the best product to sleep on that would give us peace of mind knowing it won’t harm the environment. Natural fibres are not only beneficial for you in terms of breathability, comfort, and style, but the industrial procedures used in their production are also better for the environment. There are no harmful substances, and there are no emissions.

Browse our bedding online today if you are looking for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly bed linen in NZ. Or email us at to schedule an appointment.

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