Different Ways To Conduct Workplace Assessment – Things You Can Do

Nowadays, it seems like we can’t go a day without reading about any workplace hazard happening, or potential damage. As a result, we are constantly reminded to take the proper precautions to protect ourselves in the office.

The framework of a workplace risk assessment is designed to allow the assessment of risks to an organization, its people, and the environment. Its purpose is to identify the risks that could affect the organization and develop control measures to reduce the risk.

Successful risk assessment requires identification of the entire possible hazard in a workplace and the development of appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

  • Risks/Potential threats

You need to identify the risks that will put the employees in danger. Usually, various entrance and exit slips fall occur in the morning when employees are rushing to the office. Other risks are someone getting injured or getting sick, the place could catch fire. The specific risks vary from business to business. It is vital to conduct a meeting.

  • Action to be taken

After identifying risks, you need to create a plan. There should be someone who’s trained in first aid, stand-by emergency, emergency entry, and exits. Protective equipment should be available. Falling is quite common accident, mats of good quality should be used to create friction and make the floor less slippery.

Mats should be secured properly that help in drying and should be absorbent enough like the mats provided by Ultimate mats.  Their mats are slip-resistant, cleanable, long durability, but they should go along with the office decor. Logo mats can be used for functionality as well as to promote the brand.

  • Reporting incident

Whenever there’s an incident, it should be recorded so that it can be prevented from next time and there is less potential of injury.

  • Facilities to be added

The routes to the workspace should be safe. Lighting should be augmented to improve visibility. Heating should be available for dying quickly. Spilling of water can be prevented by drainage channels. Safety information can be added on mats for people. Signs can be used to keep people on a safe path.

  • Assessment

Previous reports should be taken into account and evaluated whether there has been any improvement or not. Modifications should be done if necessary. If any new problem happens that is unexpected, create a solution for that. The other factors such as staircase, snow, or rain might come into play on what risks are there.

Vacuums should be available to clean immediate spillage; extra precautions should be taken when people are rushing in the morning. The matting should be secured throughout the building properly so that people don’t trip.


A workplace risk assessment may appear to be a lot of effort; however, it is not. It’s a technique to protect company staff and consumers secure while also assessing whether you’re performing a great job. If your company is huge or little, take the effort to create a risk evaluation. Follow the above-mentioned points to conduct a systematic workplace risk assessment.

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