Different Types of Wet Rooms Available for Installation at Home

The shower space or the bathing area is often termed as a wet room, as this part is separated from the dry area of the bathroom with a shower curtain or shower screen. Due to the continuous humidity of a wet room, it is advised to use waterproof tiles on the floor and walls of this area. Some efficient builders prefer to make the entire area waterproof before placing the tiles, to increase the longevity of the entire wet room. However, professionals associated with the Leeds wet room installation can offer various options to their clients.

Use of waterproof membranes – A waterproof membrane is placed over the sub-floor just before installing the flooring tiles in the wet room. This membrane prevents the seeping of water inside the flooring tiles, which keeps the floor humid for a long time. It is more important for houses with timber flooring that can be eventually damaged by the leakage of water and the presence of too much moisture. This membrane sheet is also useful for increasing the durability of vinyl tiles.

Easily accessible wet room – It is difficult for physically handicapped and elderly people to step inside the wet room for taking a shower every day. However, modern Leeds wet room installation is specially designed with several safety features for partially disabled people. The installation of secure handrails at this shower area helps them to maintain balance while standing below the shower. Stylish shower seats can be installed so that people can sit there comfortably while bathing, who find it difficult to stand for a long time.

Luxurious wet room – A wet room can be beautified by installing tiles with attractive colours and unique patterns. The showerhead, tap, and shower screen should be chosen of stylish designs and durable materials, to ensure the best longevity of the wet room. The serene look and functional comfort will encourage people to use this wet room before starting the day and also to relax at the end of a tiresome day.

Wet room of modern design – Since most of the bathrooms of modern apartments are quite small, a separate wet room may not be applicable there. Hence, a pretty shower screen can be installed to separate the bathing space, to keep the rest of the bathroom dry. The architectural design of the house determines the nature of Leeds wet room installation. It also depends on the flooring area of the bathroom and the budget of the house owner.

Thus, the design of the Leeds wet room installation should be handed over to an expert architect, who can fulfil the requirements of his client.

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