Common Problems Homeowners Face

You owe it to your renters as a landlord or property manager to create the safest and most comfortable living environment possible. They rely on you to resolve any concerns swiftly and effectively. Even if dealing with minor issues is inconvenient, taking care of them as soon as possible is always the best policy.

If left unattended, relatively minor concerns around your home, such as drafty windows or leaking fixtures, can snowball into major ones. These annoyances could cause serious water damage, mold, or foundation problems, in addition to making your tenants unhappy.

Even if you aren’t as active as you once were, many common problems around your home are rather simple to address. In the winter, putting weather stripping behind doors, for example, can alleviate chilly flooring. Squeaky door hinges can typically be fixed with a short spray of lubrication. Water will not pool around the foundation if the gutters are cleaned. If you’re not as physically capable as you once were, some renovations, such as adding insulation to remedy drafty rooms or installing storm windows, may require professional assistance. In any case, addressing concerns like these around the building now might save you and your tenants a lot of grief later.

Take a look at this checklist for further information on some common problems encountered around the house and their solutions.

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