Ceramic tiles for flooring: An overview of the basics!

For the unversed, ceramic tiles are made of clay and other inorganic materials and minerals. These tiles are made in an oven at very high temperatures, using firing, which causes the material to harden. For commercial and residential projects, ceramic tiles can be used for diverse needs – flooring, wall décor, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops. This is also among the versatile choices in terms of design and colors. Check with known vendors in Montreal like Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles, and you will be spoilt for choices. In this post, we are discussing more on ceramic tiles, especially for flooring needs. 

Is this a good option for flooring?

That’s often the first question that many homeowners ask about ceramic tiles. In terms of durability, ceramic tiles do outperform wooden panels and some of the natural stones. Today, you can find massive sized ceramic tiles, but if you want to go for small sizes, that’s always an option. There is reduced wastage with smaller tiles, and ceramic tiles have properties that make them ideal for flooring. For instance, these tiles are not prone to skidding, are scratch resistant, and extremely durable to withstand foot traffic. Not to forget, with tile flooring, you don’t have to worry much about maintenance. There are both glazed and unglazed designs, depending on intended use. With glazed tiles, there are no additional concerns with regards to staining either. 

Ordering ceramic tiles

Find a reliable supplier near you to get ceramic tiles at the right price. Make sure that the vendor has a showroom, so that you can review some of their designs and check the quality of the tiles. Get an estimate, which also depends largely on the design and texture. There is one concern with tile flooring though – even the best ceramic ones can chip. It is always best to order a few extra pieces, so that you can always replace that without worrying about matching the design. 

Final word

If you want to consider ceramic tiles for your home, ensure that you have a design and theme in mind. Also, get the installation done by a professional, so that you can be assured of the work. Overall, ceramic tiles are great for flooring and home needs, as long as you are choosing the right color and finish that works with the rest of the interiors. Don’t try to save a few bucks, but think of tile flooring as an investment. 

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