Buying Towel Sets V/S Buying Individual Towels – What’s Better?

With endless options, it isn’t easy to pick the best cotton towels. Especially if you buy towels online, it can get pretty tricky. Many things need to be checked before purchasing a towel or a towel set online.

But the main question is, how many bath towels does one need? According to me, every bathroom needs a few sets. The main thing while opting for towels should be

  • You should check the fabric content. The best one is the 100% pure cotton one since that’s the best in terms of how soft it is and how absorbent it is.
  • While buying cotton towels online, you will not see them, so make sure you inspect them by looking at the edges and the folding.
  • Usually, pick lightweight towels or sets, so it’s easier during travels or for home kitchens.
  • Check the type of colours and prints you want
  • Lastly, know what you want. From cotton to cotton-poly, there are a lot of options available online.

Why Towel Sets?

While shopping online for towels, your first option should be towel sets instead of one Towel. Towel sets come in at least four to five types of towels, from the small to the bigger. In my opinion, everyone needs multiple towels for different uses. The ones most needed are:

1.Hair Towel

Hair towels are great for drying your hair quickly. Instead of using the giant bath towel over your head, this is the best Towel. They come in many different options to suit your lengths. They don’t take much time to dry out since they are smaller in size, so they come in very handy.

2.Face Towel

Face towels are meant for drying your face after washing it. These are good to protect people with sensitive skin. Having a separate towel for the front is a better option, so the pores don’t get clogged from any dirt.

3.Bath Towel

Bath towels are the more oversized towels made to cover your whole body. They help you wrap yourself completely in warmth after a shower or a bath. Bath towels online are the most prominent types of towels that every household usually has.

4.Hand Towel

Hand towels are needed for every bathroom and the guest bathrooms. They are the smaller ones that hang over the sink and next to mirrors. They are mainly used for cleaning hands. They are usually made out of a thicker material.

There are many more types of towels, but these are the ones needed the most. While buying online, you should make sure of purchasing towel sets to come in handy and are always a need in the house.

Check this ten-piece Towel set from Stellar Home that includes two bath towels, two hand towels and six face towels. This one is the most helpful since they give ten pieces to be used all around the house.

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