An Outdoor Room Is A Family Room

Growing families need extra room in which to live – that is a pretty simple equation. But things become more complicated when you take Australia’s current housing market into consideration.

A recent newspaper article reported CoreLogic as saying that Australian house prices are rising at their fastest yearly pace since 1989. CoreLogic is a company specialising in property analytics, and according to the article, they said that housing prices have risen almost 11 times faster than wages growth over the past year.

So, where does this leave the average Australian family? Especially the average Australian family of a certain age who will need more room for any new additions? In less complicated times, a growing family would move to a larger home. Given the increase in house prices, as well as the sheer demand in the property market and the fact that the average Australian house is getting smaller – down to 228.8 square metres for a new build, the smallest house size since the 2001/2002 financial year – it’s much easier said than done to move to something larger.

Something else to consider is that many Australian families don’t want to move.They may live in an area where they feel safe and secure. They could be close to family, who provide vital support (and babysitting) when required. Their neighbours are their friends, and their neighbours’ kids are friends with their kids. The schools their children attend are doing a great job at teaching them – and their children love going there. There are so many reasons why young families want to stay where they are. Fortunately,, outdoor rooms are making that possible.

Outdoor rooms in Australia are, without a doubt, the biggest current trend in home improvement. Installing an opening louvre roof over a home’s adjoining deck and filling in the sides with shutters or sliding doors turns an external area into one which feels like a room, with the ability to open it up to the elements when required. Add heating and lighting by Louvretec and you’re set.  In Australia, outdoor rooms are typically seen as places of entertainment, and with products such as outdoor ovens, fireplaces and even televisions, they’re perfect recreational spaces.

However, for a growing number of families, outdoor rooms solve the problem of not having enough space in their homes. Turning an outdoor area into one which can be fully enclosed is a great way to create an extra room, and gives families the breathing space they need, as well as the ability to stay in their preferred area for longer.

This further confirms what Louvretec Australia has been saying for a long time. Outdoor rooms are not just decks. They’re versatile spaces that can have many functions including becoming the favorite family room.

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