5 Step Guide to Increase the Life of Swimming Pool Pump


Swimming pool is not just the tank filled with water, but it is designed to be clean, comfortable, and hygienic place with the help of various tools. It requires a special pump to work inside the pool. Domestic water pump is ideal for other household needs but you may require swimming pool pump designed especially for the pool. If you already have pump installed in your swimming pool then here are the 5 simple steps to prolong its life. 

  • Capacity Check – The capacity of the pump should be adequate compared to the pool size and water volume. Bigger size pump will have lower water supply and hence it will starve for water, which will eventually cause damage to the pump. Similarly, smaller sized pump will suffer due to higher supply. To overcome this issue, ensure that the pump you are using is right sized based on the pool capacity. 
  • Never Run Dry – This pump is designed to work with water and if you run it dry then it will create a major problem. Ensure that it is never used on empty pool for longer life and better efficiency. 
  • Air Circulation – Placing the pool in overcrowded space can affect its efficiency and may cause damage in long run. The pump needs to have proper air circulation for better functioning. Don’t place the pump surrounded by plants as it will restrict the air circulation. 
  • Avoid Freezing – Freezing can really damage the pump as the water volume increases by 9% when the water freezes. This can be avoided by making the pump run even in low temperature as it will keep the water moving and hence avoid freezing. If you don’t want to run the pump during colder months then ensure that all plugs and chlorinator are removed to avoid water trapping. 
  • Rest – The pump needs rest! You can keep the pool closed for one day in a week to let the pump get time to recover from the damages. This will really prolong the life of the pump. 

If you have any doubts about the pump health then check with pumps service providers for thorough evaluation and service of the pump. 

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