5 signs that basement waterproofing failed

One of the priorities of any homeowner is to secure the basement against flooding and its attendant inconveniences by doing basement crack repair overland park ks. No matter how well your basement is waterproofed, you must check it out for failure once in a while to avert unwanted issues. If you want to keep your home against water-related issues, your basement should be your major concern.

Here are signs that your basement waterproofing has failed: 

1. Efflorescence, Water Stains and Marks 

You need to get to your basement for a physical inspection of the basement waterproofing. Look around the basement for water stains and marks on the basement wall. If you find big water stains or marks running down your basement wall, the waterproofing has undoubtedly failed. Signs, such as white or orange streaks on the walls of the basement are a strong indicator that the basement waterproofing needs fixing. Also, look for efflorescence on the walls, and chalky substance forming on the basement walls. You must act fast to avoid bigger problems. 

2. Cracks on The Walls and Floors

If you cannot see water stains or marks, the next sign of basement waterproofing failure is to look for cracks on the walls and floors. Look critically for cracks and fine lines on the basement walls and floors, as they can cause significant problems if overlooked. Cracks on the floor can signal that water pressure is building up from below. Because of this, you can contact an experienced waterproofing company to fix your basement waterproofing to prevent eventual failure that may be disruptive and highly damaging.

3. Mould and Musty Odour

Another sign that basement waterproofing has failed is the musty odour in the basement. The smell of mould in the basement indicates high water seepage, which may not be visible. Look for mould growth and take note of the musty odour in the basement. Even without physical signs of flooding like water stains, the musty smell indicates that the basement waterproofing has failed and you cannot ignore it. 

4. Bowed Basement Walls

Look carefully at the walls of your basement. If the walls are bowed, your basement waterproofing has failed. If the walls have a bulge or inward curve, the waterproofing needs a quick fix. The signs point to a structural defect that may result from further water seepage into the foundation of the home. 


The signs above let you know that the basement waterproofing in your home has failed. Contact a professional basement waterproofing company to fix your basement as soon as possible to prevent further foundation problems. 

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