5 Signs I Need To Replace My Entry Door

The door to your home or business is one of the most heavily used elements. Not only do you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, but you also want it to stand up to daily use and climates. If you notice any of these signs that your door needs replacing, don’t delay.

1. Your door is rotting through the frame.

Often, door replacement will start with a door that’s been damaged by water or warping from weather changes. If this is the case, you’ll notice that there are visible signs of rot near or under the door knob and/or hinges. The door itself may also be warped and no longer fit tightly in the door frame.

2. Your door is sticking and hard to open or close.

If your door sticks, it could be from warping from weather changes or from a frame that’s been damaged by water or rot. Look at the door knob as well as the door hinges for visible signs of damage. The door itself may also be warped and no longer fit tightly in the door frame.

3. There’s a crack or hole at either of your door hinges:

If there is a split, crack or hole on either door hinge, you’ll want to replace that door immediately. Cracks and holes can let in more water or air which will create further damage.

4. There’s some door damage near your door knob:

If you notice some door damage like peeling paint or rot on the door frame, it may be time for door replacement. These types of door damages are more likely to cause water damage and can potentially create mold if they’re not addressed quickly.

5. The door is warped.

If your door is no longer straight, it could be warped from weather changes or damage to the door frame from water or rot. You’ll need door replacement if there are visible splits, cracks or holes in either door hinge. If your door knob is also not working properly, it may indicate that there’s broken hardware on the door.

If any of these signs are present, you’ll want to contact a door specialist right away for an inspection. A door specialist can help you decide if it’s time for door replacement and will also suggest quality door options that will work best in your area. To learn more about door replacement, call a door specialist now!

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